Book Review of "Farewell, My Subaru"

My husband enjoys gardening and has dreams about having a huge plot of land along with being a farmer. He drives me nuts, even inquiring if he is able to keep rats on our second floor apartment balcony at La Jolla.

For the time being, he's his small square box at the church community backyard. I am not a character girl but did locate a book name that caught my eye at the library. It grabbed my attention because that is the new car I drive. The cover photograph was adorable, with a backyard climbing beneath the hood of the automobile.
Doug was formerly a journalist who purchased a bit of property for a mentor with the intent of settling down and moving green all the way.
This book was a fun, light-hearted read. His experiences started with car trouble, a flash flooding, buying two goats and a few girls. The goats got into mischief but he grew attached to them. He needed to convince the inspector that his house was a farm. He moved on to attempting vegetable oil gas, installing solar panels plus a nicely, gardening and hunting.
Much like many little city stories, there were neighborhood characters, such as his hippie neighbor. Obviously, they found him as the personality. He frightened off the FedEx delivery guy by sporting homemade body armor to fight a rattlesnake. He needed to request help and learned from trial and error. He eventually figured out things and even discovered love on the way.
Doug enjoys his new life and composed this enchanting book about his experiences. He added interesting facts along the way with a few data. I have no interest in farming however I am certain when we moved into a little city, I would find myself fixing over time. In the beginning, I would probably seem like the woman from"Green Acres".
But in centuries past, individuals survived without mobile phones, computers and phones. They lived off the land and so were productive with their palms on. They really talked to each other liberally and composed letters.
For backyard fans, this is an enjoyable read. There were several swear words and mature themes in it so that I would not give it to kids but it may be a funny gift to offer.