Can Crayfish Live Together in the Same Tank?

If you're asking yourself,"can crayfish live together?" Well, the solution will be a big fat,"it depends."
There are many aspects that come into play pet crayfish. Trust me, I have owned several crayfish within the previous couple of decades. I have owned two electric blue crayfish and a single albino crayfish that likely might have killed a little dog.
First off, how large of a tank are you considering using to keep your crayfish in? If you intend on utilizing a ten gallon fish tank for over 1 crayfish, personally I would say that is not a fantastic choice.Among my crayfish fought to the death with the other one of my crayfish whilst residing in a ten gallon tank. Yes, they got along flawlessly for some time, but finally it came into claws, and these men went at it, challenging.
I recall walking from work daily to realize that my gloomy crayfish was consumed with my albino crayfish. There were miniature blue parts of my own crayfish through the tank. It wasn't pretty, but that is character occasionally.
Personally, if you intend on having over one crayfish, I would recommend no less than a twenty gallon fish tank with plenty of hiding spaces, or hideouts. Crayfish enjoy having the ability to conceal. And having the ability to hide outside is particularly important when they're molting.Since when they molt, they get weak and therefore are more prone to attacks by both crayfish and other fish.
I had also advocated keeping your crayfish fed. Now, I don't imply in any way to over-feed your own crayfish. Crayfish already cluttered up the tank as it is and over-feeding them will just make it even worse. Thus do not overfeed these small men.
Just recall, crayfish are scavengers and they're incredibly competitive. They're omnivores. They like to eat whatever they can get their claws on. Due to their nature, there is pretty much no promise they won't grab and consume another crayfish on your tank. Having said this, attempt to find fish which are competitive, swim close to the surface of the tank or swim quickly if you're seeking tank mates to your crayfish. These kinds of fish is going to have the very best chance at living.
So, can crayfish reside together in precisely the exact same fish tank? Yes, it is possible, however there isn't any guarantee with those mad little men.