Gems and Precious Stones for Health and Happiness

Since the dawn of civilization people are fascinated by crystals and gems. They're brilliant, sparkling and beautiful, no wonder we all like to decorate ourselves and our environment with such treasures.

There are lots of methods to this appreciation of diamonds. For the geologist, the ideal crystal structure of an Amethyst is a magical window into the first minutes of the introduction of the planet. Taking a look at the deep purple rock, he will see his mind's eyes that the oxygen and silicon forming an ideal lattice under immense heat and pressure, deep inside the planet's crust.

The fashionista admires her glowing green emerald in sunlight, appreciating the harmonious impact the gem generates with her outfit and accessories. The healer softly rolls the honey coloured amber ring onto her heart sense spiritually and physically attached to Mother Earth and into the healing powers of this Universe.The rocky prospector from the Australian Outback finds a part of opal at a river bank, his heart pumping with pleasure, the future of his household appearing glowing and protected.
The young lady stares in her lovely brand new diamond ring, giddy with delight thinking of her dear, and the happy life they'll have together. So different, yet both powerful are such responses. There's just something about diamonds which allow us feel and feel exceptional emotions.
Anything we find in precious stones, it consistently reflects our personal value system. We are apt to use the stone to link into the ideals and things we all hold dear. All around the planet, in every civilization stone have an extremely powerful meaning. In modern societies that the absolute beauty and the frequently prohibitive cost of diamonds keep us eager to purchase more if we could afford it.
In Vedic Astrology, there's intriguing and (into the Western mind at least) amazingly helpful system of linking diamonds using planetary energies. Based upon the Birth Chart of this individual, the astrologer is going to suggest the gem of those planets which are the most positively placed, providing possibly the maximum advantage to the wearer.
Blue sapphire stations the power of Saturn, ruby joins to the life-giving beams of the Sun, pearls improve the instinct and healing capability of the Moon, green emerald, the rock of Mercury assists in business and communicating.Mighty Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and decent fortune favors those who use his lovely stone, the yellow sapphire. The brilliance and endurance of diamonds reflect the qualities of Venus, the planet of beauty and love. Mars's rock, the red coral, provides the powerful, concentrated power of the Warrior Planet,Earth, as well as both lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu transmit their Karmic message and sway during the gorgeous gems hessonite garnet and chrysoberyl cat's attention.
Irrespective of our own cultural heritage, it might be well worth learning about different meanings and legends linked to the stone we wear. This knowledge is going to be a bridge to our subconscious thoughts. In this manner every time we look back on our hands to respect our beautiful necklace or ring, we'll feel the link to our fellow human beings throughout space and time, bringing us a step nearer to the authentic understanding of the Oneness of the Universe.