Generic RU486 for concluding pregnancy in private

Abortion can be done in two ways, medically and surgically. Most of the women buy generic RU486 to induce the pregnancy medically. The cost of the surgical abortion is expensive and it is also risky.

Generic RU486 for concluding pregnancy in private

Most of the women prefer to use medical way of abortion so that they need not undergo surgical abortion wherein lots of instruments are being used. Termination with the help of abortion pills are effective, safe and can be done safely and privately in the home. If you want to end your pregnancy using abortion pills then make sure that your pregnancy doesn’t exceed 7weeks or 50 days.

Buy Generic RU486 online with Mifepristone as an active substance. This medicine has been approved by FDA hence women use this pill to terminate the pregnancy. In a single packet of RU486 3 pills are available. You will notice that this pill if taken in combination can give you the most accurate result. You can take all 3pills at a time or one after the other as your doctor prescribes. This pill makes the uterus lining to break and separates the fetus from the womb. Once it is separated the pregnancy parts are being flushed out of the body.

Before you use this abortion pill to make sure that your pregnancy is not outside the uterus. If woman's age exceeds 35 years, then avoid the use of this medication. Even if you have a medical history related to uterine rupture, intestinal disease, heart, liver or kidney then make sure that you avoid the intake of this medicine. If you have the intrauterine device in your body, then using this medication is not preferred. These medicines do react with some of the medications so make sure that you have a list of all the medicines you use to treat other disorder.

After using RU486 you may notice bleeding and cramping as it is very natural. If you notice severe bleeding, cramping, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea symptoms getting severe then you may need to consult your gynecologist. After using generic RU486 make sure that you undergo an ultrasound to conclude the pregnancy. If you experience incomplete abortion after using this pill then your doctor may advise repeating the dose of Mifepristone pill along with Misoprostol pill or surgical abortion. If you continue with the incomplete pregnancy, you may notice birth defects. This abortion pill if used alone gives you the success of 70-80%; hence it is used with Misoprostol pill or Cytotec pill to get the desired result of 98-99%.

While using Mifepristone abortion pill make sure that you do not consume alcohol or tobacco because it may lead to heavy bleeding. You are also suggested to stay away from physical labor and avoid intercourse for 2 weeks. If intercourse is performed within 2 weeks of using abortion pills then it may lead to infection. Pregnancy after 3 months of abortion can be planned so that your wound can heal properly. If you are breastfeeding mother then you are suggested to breastfeed your child after 8-16 hours or as your doctor advises you.