Going Beyond ERP With Expenzing

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) has become the cornerstone of numerous small, moderate, and large sized companies for several decades now. ERP functions as the aggregator bookkeeping system of choice for businesses, but some can agree that its versatility is questionable.

Top 3 challenges using ERP
High value buys and expenditures round IT, Marketing, HR Services, Legal prices, Utilities, and Routine Feels such as Annual Maintenance Contracts are Happening outside the ERP system. There's limited or no control on department or branch level spends. Delegation of Authorization and Company Policies are contested exposing the company to risk.
ERPs aren't viably constructed for every single employee of the company to log on to it for requesting, approving, or bringing information. They're constructed for record post-facto trades and processing them to get P&L. The price alone for every licenced user will be conducted too large.
Purchases made out of the ERP sum to substantial proportion of SG&A expenses along with the time spent handling the payments and purchases is enormous due to the amount of trades. These spends are handled with a homegrown spreadsheets or system or worse or email - paper receipts. The accounts and fund surgery stays strategic at best.
Expenzing requires you farther than traditional ERP
Expenzing is a specialist in spend management that includes - cost management, travel cost management and secure to cover applications, including immense supremacy into the current ERP system. We assist you outside your ERP limits, using an automatic system which attracts your stakeholders onto a platform that is singular.
Purchase Orders (POs) could be produced in a couple of minutes - beginning from deciding which provider, to increasing the PO on line and sending that to your provider.
Expenzing Invoice Management software provides tight control to the Invoice due diligence procedure. Our best in category Automated Due Diligence using Invoice Scrutinizer guarantees you never get rid of money to payments that are wrong.
Expense Management Software empowers approvers with email approvals understanding that Procedure Checklists are assessed prior to any bill lands on their desk.

Get MIS reports, analysis on spend places to enhance or negotiate with sellers.

Irrespective of the business you're in - insurance, finance, jobs, media, technology, health, manufacturing our fiscal management and cost management solutions help companies save a good deal of cost and time in handling their procurement, travel, and employee expenditures better, also it compliments your current ERP. To outline, ERP is in the crux of the company for several decades now, however, it demands that the ideal augmentation, Expenzing provides only that adding great value to your enterprise.