Interview With Michael David Ries, MD, Author of "The Joint Kitchen"

Dr. Ries includes a practice restricted to knee and hip arthroplasty operation and therapy of arthritic knee and hip ailments. In this time period he participated regularly in lab and clinical study. Dr. Ries has printed 210 peer reviewed journal posts and 52 book chapters on subjects related to clinical effects and biomaterials used in knee and hip replacement.

He's also a father of three busy kids, husband to a gorgeous Russian wife, enthusiastic skier, and family handyman.
I'm an orthopaedic surgeon and nearly all of my career was in academic medicine. That usually means that I travel and talk at a great deal of healthcare conferences. The subjects presented and discussed in these meetings cope with medical problems and brand new hip and knee replacement creations are usually not included. Within the previous five or six years it appears, I have been requested by a number of the younger surgeons attending those meetings the way to produce ideas for improvements in knee and hip replacement apparatus. As soon as I reacted to such questions I discovered that a number of the non-medical men and women in the audience looked very interested in the conversation, and I thought that perhaps others might be interested in reading a novel about it.
It clarifies how beautifully effective the ordinary knee and hip joint are, and the reason we can not make knee and hip replacements as great as the ordinary joints we had been born with.
Then a physician who found himself cleaning the toilet, preparing meals, starting a wine jar, unscrewing a jar shirt, riding a chairlift, skiing, fishing, or watching snowflakes fall attracted similar pictures on a newspaper that turned to patents for brand new hip and knee replacements. The narrative suggests that when our mind is at a calm condition of tranquility the problem solving elements of our mind can connect and generate a new notion.
I have helped create a range of knee and hip replacement devices through recent years. I actually did not understand the thoughts for these creations sort of popped in my mind, but that I did understand precisely where I was and exactly what I was doing when a great deal of these occurred. It was that where I had been and what I had been doing were directly associated with pictures that became fresh hip and knee replacement patents. I believe this procedure happens to all people on different levels, and expected that by writing about my narrative it'd inspire others to develop their thoughts.
Such a fantastic name - clearly inspired by your revelations from the kitchen! How did each day kitchen/food things spark your thoughts and when did you understand that the kitchen has been such a wealth of inspiration?
I am not much of a cook, but only wind up at the kitchen a great deal of times generally to repair something fast and simple to consume for my children or myself normally at the morning. It is a bit of a rather calm and tranquil time if everything you have to do daily is at the back of your mind. It appears that that's when thoughts come to you - if you aren't attempting to consider you.
The entire procedure of choosing a normal orange and viewing its potential within fresh hip replacement process, developing and creating the idea via drawings, etc.. requires excellent artistic expression. Tell us a little about your artistic character.
I truly respect and admire artists. I really don't consider myself much of a single, but I love to shoot photographs mainly of landscapes or character over individuals. I have also sat through a great deal of medical obligations, and once I visit a slide filled with phrases onto it, my head kind of glazes over, but once I see a very simple diagram or picture which is logical, I do it.
How can your publication cater to these quite different audiences?
The book is all about how ideas for creations can be produced, but because it specifically refers to medical instruments I believe healthcare professionals at the orthopaedic field could have a whole lot in common with the narrative. The Joint Kitchen also reveals how the normal knee and hip function, as well as the gaps between the standard joints and joints that are replaced. That's something which everyone thinking about a joint replacement, and perhaps their family and friends usually wish to learn about. There's also a description of the way our thoughts thinks by linking images, which I think is very similar to what scientists and scholars who study the brain have discovered. I expect that those wise folks may also locate The Joint Kitchen helpful to further understand the way we produce thoughts.
Composing The Joint Kitchen wasn't too hard - I simply put images of exactly what I had been doing usually from the kitchen along with also the corresponding patent drawings side by side and they were fairly much exactly the same. The largest challenge was overcoming my fear that individuals would not like it. I guess most writers likely go through this, so for me that the problem was whether to place it out there for everybody to see.
What would you love to do if you are not functioning, inventing new medical breakthroughs and composing?
I treasure every minute I have with my loved ones. We do a lot together like skiing, increase, and invest some time in the outside. A few of the best times for individuals happen to be travelling RV trips to new destinations we've never been to earlier. My wife and children also endure me moving away for a week or so annually to have a back-country skiing, golfing or fishing excursion with my pals.
What's the best advice you have ever received, about writing, inventing, or on life generally?
When I am not positive whether an idea is worthwhile to pursue the very best information I've always had would be to go ahead and take action. That is the only way you'll discover.
What information would you have for aspiring writers and/or inventors?
A good deal of books are written regarding the nuts and bolts of how to submit a patent and begin a business or market your thought, but is much more of a narrative about how to find out your own route ahead.
For authors, I may not be the best to give guidance, because I am relatively new in it. There's a whole lot in common with inventing and publishing however, and the very same challenges that historians face also occur to authors.
What is next, would you have another job in the works?
Not yet. I would like to see how this goes so much so great it sounds, but I really do have some ideas about another publication. Writing for me is similar to getting an idea for a new innovation - you just need to let it take place. So we will just have to wait and watch.
I am on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn along with a simple way to begin is the writer website
What type of information can be found on your site?
There's a description of this articles in The Joint Kitchen using a fantastic little video which shows what it is about. There's also some info about me, links to my own patents, and a few recent book chapters and journal articles I have written.
Do you've got something else you want to share with our subscribers?
Writing and publishing a book wasn't anything I planned to perform or anywhere in my bucket listing, but I am happy to have done it. I have had a great deal of nice comments from those who have read it and I would strongly suggest doing so for anybody contemplating telling their story to other people.