The Corruption Of Our Major Political Parties In The US

Why is it every time we look at Washington DC we view suspicious actions borderlining on corruption or illegality? Maybe this is 1 thing that both sides of the aisle agree on - that they appear to agree that this is okay, it is not. Let us take these recent problems with email scandals. We've got the DNC being hacked with a Romanian Hacker and Hillary Clinton's illegal personal email host with official State Department correspondence onto it, some of it Top Secret although it all, none of anybody else's company especially overseas things and spies.

There was a fascinating article in Homeland Security News;"Democrats brace for more email leaks," published on July 26, 2016.The article said:
"The FBI on Monday said the bureau is exploring the hacks of the DNC computer networks. Democrats are concerned that the Russian authorities hackers on the other side of the DNC hacks could have gotten their hands on additional politically embarrassing e-mails and files, along with the hackers could launch such e-mails and files between today and November in a bid to raise Trump's likelihood of winning in November. Julian Assange, the creator of WikiLeaks and its present top editor, that stated the release [of this DNC e-mails] on Friday was the first in a collection."
Fundamentally, the mails that resulted in the DNC Chairwoman to resign would be the tip-of-the-iceberg. As what was shown out of Hillary Clinton's personal email server proven to be significantly more than she confessed when interviewed countless times on the topic. When the DNC is tainted and worked to undermine among its candidates in the principal procedure for another person, they have dishonored each democrat voter in the usa, and consequently they will need to get their house in order and should likely sit out the remainder of this election till they de-corrupt their activities along with change-out their leadership.Free and Fair elections are critical to get a free society, but half of our electorate was snookered and lied to.
If more mails do come out that reveal collusion that WikiLeaks notes is true, then there might be an additional reason for an expected indictment of Hillary Clinton, even though she's temporarily dodged the very first one with her abuse of classified material onto her prohibited host bypassing the State Department's protocol. It hardly matters who hacked the mails in either case in the moment, the question today is what advice had been in these mails, and also what will they disclose about how awful our political process is becoming and how corrupt our direction in the greatest levels is. Consider that.