220-901 Test Certification

Query: 1 )

A tech should conduct a diagnostic DVD on a notebook running Windows 8.1. After placing the boot order from the UEFI BIOS into the inner DVD-RW drive, the notebook still boots into Windows. Which of these configurations has to be corrected in order to allow the notebook to boot in the DVD-RW drive?
B. Virtualization
C. Secure boot
D. UEFI BIOS password
Response: C
Query: 2
A tech connects another screen to a desktop computer. It's physically situated to the right of the current screen, however, the mouse pointer may simply get into the next screen by moving into the left border of the display of the primary screen. Which of following screen settings has to be corrected to find the pointer to proceed with the physical positioning of the screen?
A. Scaling
B. Rotation
C. Ranking
D. Resolution
Response: C
Query: 3
Which of these kinds of wires are MOST likely to be utilized to link to a external hard disk?Select TWO.
A. Molex
E. USB 3.0
F. CAT6e
Response: C,E
Query: 4
A client is constructing a luxury gaming PC and is looking for an proper power supply unit. Which of these feature-sets of a power source ought to be set up?(Select THREE).
A. Mini-ITX form variable
B. High variety of connectors
C. 24-pin Principal connector
D. 20-pin Principal connector
E. 350-450 watts of electricity
F. Dual 12v rails
Response: B,F, C
Query: 5
Which of the following is needed through the setup of a digitizer?
A. has to be on the Online
B. Has to Be washed
C. Must have the Most Recent software installed
D. Has to Be calibrated
Response: D
Query: 6
A tech is troubleshooting a growth card in a computer which enables the computer to get faxes within a VoIP line. The line on the expansion card is the most likely which of these cable types?
A. Coaxial
D. Multi-mode fiber
E. Single-mode fiber
Response: C
Query: 7
For which of these kinds of printers if a tech obtain a care kit comprising a fuser, transfer roller, and pickup rollers?
A. Thermal
B. Impact
C. Inkjet
D. Laser
Response: D
Query: 8
Which of these cable link types is a good illustration of a miniature DIN?
B. PS/2
D. DB9
Response: B
Query: 9
A client needs a computer for doing a single-threaded job as rapidly as possible. Which of the next CPU attributes is the Most Significant?
A. Passport rate
B. Hyperthreading
C. Fan speed
D. Number of cores
Response: A
Query: 10
Which of these screen technologies supplies the best assortment of visible colours?
C. Plasma
Response: D
Query: 11
A client wants to transfer info in your DVR to a DVD. Which of these ought to be employed on a workstation so as to extract the information for archiving?
A. Optical driveway
B. Capture card
C. Thunderbolt
D. External storage
Response: B
Query: 12
A little workgroup inherits a secondhand printer with no media capabilities. Which of these is the very best way of sharing this source one of the workgroup?
A. Connect the printer into a Bluetooth adapter in order for the {users|consumers} to {print|publish }
B. Connect the printer {by using|Using} the onboard Infrared port
C. Connect the printer {to|into} {a user's|an individual's} workstation and {share|discuss} the {device|apparatus }
D. Connect the printer to a parallel switch box
Response: C
Query: 13
A tech is constructing a new PC and finds it's 8 DIMM sockets labeled 0 through 7. Four are four and white are blue. Which of these should the tech do FIRST?
A. Install the memory card from the four white slots
B. Install the memory card from the four gloomy slots
C. Verify the motherboard documentation
D. Install the memory in slots 0 through 3
E. Fill all slots together with memory
Response: C
Query: 14
An individual would like to decrease the total amount of paper consumed on a inkjet printer. Which of these settings must be configured to accomplish this result?
A. Orientation
B. Duplex
C. Collate
D. Economy ink
Response: B
Query: 15
A tech updates an older computer to Windows 8. The pc is running unusually slow, however, the hardware has no issues and is sufficient for your OS. Which of these is the MOST likely answer?
A. Change the boot sequence
B. Alter the BIOS into UEFI
C. Defragment the hard disk
D. Enable virtualization

Response: C