3 Marijuana Addiction Facts

Dispelling myths is vital, but people, society and parents also should know the cold hard truth about Pot usage. It may result in problems lasting considerably more than adolescence. Below are a few facts which you and your nearest and dearest should know!

{Fact|Truth} #1: Five times more likely to have a heart attack|}
For as much as one hour after smoking marijuana, the consumer is five times more likely to have a heart attack. This is due to} the high concentration of substances} as well as the influence} on the heart and blood pressure.
This is due to the high concentration of substances as well as the influence on the heart and blood pressure.
Truth #2: Greater risk of cancer
Since smoking contains over 400 compounds and is twice as powerful as a cigarette the danger of cancer doubles. Lung tissue has been destroyed quicker when smoking Marijuana resulting in a greater risk of cancer and other respiratory related ailments.
Truth #3: Marijuana is your #1 used illegal drug and Several believe It Is benign
Marijuana is dangerous and since it's the most frequently used illegal drug it's really a concern to society. No study has ever proven that smoking or ingesting Marijuana is secure for any purpose.With the years the body can undergo the effects of Marijuana throughout the lungs, kidneys, heart and reproductive system.
Taking the opportunity to be aware of the truth have become the most essential step in preventing the dependence or helping someone stop. Society should understand that Marijuana isn't a benign drug that the legislation is preventing them for pleasure. It causes injuries, health issues and an overall lack of concern for others. It's an actual concern for the general public and the ideal way to win the war would be instructing others.