A Description of the Astrological Planets and Other Heavenly Bodies

The Planets about the Horoscope

On the pursuit, the celestial bodies-the planets, sun, and moon-appear about the ring in the zodiac ring, represented by symbols:
The Sun (Apollo)

From the Roman and Greek mythology Apollo was revered to as the deity of both Sun and mild.

The Sun is a male sexual figure. It's the ruler of the world and the origin of life and consciousness on Earth-our dad. Life is understanding! As it's the middle of the world, it's related to the middle of our aware selves-our self comprehension, self, personality, individuality, and soul. This is a creative, strong, and lively celestial body, giving us life power, health, and energy, our power, strength, and dedication.

The man grade of the Sun is connected with power figures, husbands, leadership, and fatherhood. The innovative ability of the Sun is connected with creative endeavors, such as the arts, procreation, as well as industrial ventures. At the research the Sun brings its power to another planets.
The Sun rules Leo and the 5th House (Children & Creativity). In medicine it rules the heart and circulatory system.
The Moon
The Moon is the female counterpart of the Sun: our mother, giver of life, along with also the queen of the world. The Moon nourishes us both emotionally and emotionally. It's connected with all our emotions and unconscious-and therefore with imagination and imagination-as and our maternal instinct, youth, the house, and our demand for security.
The Moon rules Cancer and the 4th House (Home & the Unconscious). In medicine it rules that the feminine body components as well as the digestive tract and bladder.
Planets in Space
This is the way the planets are located around sunlight. Pluto would be farther out afterward Neptune...
In Roman mythology Mercury, the god of commerce, travel, and thieves, transported messages one of the gods, and consequently Mercury is closely connected with everything between communication-speaking composing, the press, even our inner communication. Mercury rules all matters regarding the brain and our inner life: logical thinking, wisdom, intellect, curiosity, learning, and memory.
Mercury along with his winged feet proceeded quickly one of the gods, as well as also the planet Mercury is the fastest moving planet in the Solar System. Therefore Mercury is connected with motion, transport, and travels, and by extension, our private and religious advancement.
Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo and also the 3rd House (Communication & Excursions). From the torso Mercury rules the nervous system, lungs, arms, shoulders, and handson.
It's the brightest planet, following the Moon, at the nighttime skies. This is a sensuous planet, related to all our emotions, passion, love, sex, and marriage. In connection with beauty Venus is connected with stability, equilibrium, and all of the arts.
Venus rules Taurus and Libra, the 2nd House (Finances & Property) and 7th House (Partnership & Relating to Others). In the human anatomy Venus rules the kidneys, throat, lower back, and veins.
Mars is the Roman god of warfare - that the genuine red color of this world signifies the bloodshed of war. This is a competitive manly world indeed, a real warrior in most things involving the life force, will, and courage.
The character of Mars is exceptionally energetic, powerful, sensual, and confident-qualities which are especially connected with competitive sports and other competitive actions. In most life places Mars is the initiator and conqueror who goes about accomplishing his aims using single-minded determination.
From the older astrology before Pluto was delegated to the 8th House, Mars dominated Aries along with also the 1st House (Personality & Self-Expression) and 8th House (Death and Regeneration). From the body Mars rules the genitals, adrenal glands, gallbladder, and muscles.
Jupiter (Greek: Zeus) is the Roman king of the gods, ruling over the heavens and Earth. Using its immense size Jupiter can also be a king one of the planets. Being very far in the Earth, Jupiter is connected with long distance journey and our longing to explore remote horizons both physically and emotionally spiritually-and by expansion, our need to raise and live a bigger life, to move past limits, and to expand in most manners, such as our thinking, our link to God, and even our financing. Jupiter also reflects our value system and beliefs, integrity, and morality. That orientation is linked to faith, doctrine, the search for significance, and order in the way we run our lives.
Jupiter rules Sagittarius and also the 9th House (the Greater Mind & the Search for Meaning) and secondary the12th House (the Personal Connection with the Divine and also the Invisible Realms) until Neptune was delegated to it. From the body Jupiter rules the liver and fat.
Saturn was the mythical father of Zeus (the king of the gods) and also the Roman god of agriculture. Since agriculture resulted in the basis of human culture, Saturn is related to social arrangement. Saturn is a father figure, but not always a benevolent one-he is connected with limitations, constraints, and anxiety. However, these qualities have their goal, since they call us to analyze these self-imposed limitations in ourselves and free ourselves from them.
This is an extremely functional, unemotional world, related to real truth, material items, principles and legislation, and power. Saturn isn't a creative effect; instead it reminds us of our obligation to behave responsibly to keep the societal order, and also to create self-discipline for order in our own life and to persist through times of hardship. Those qualities, then, are connected with ambition and professions.
Saturn rules Capricorn and the 10th House (Public Picture, Career, & Destiny) and secondary Aquarius and the 11th House (Friends & Vision) until Uranus was delegated to it. From the body Saturn rules the skin, bones, and spleen.
While balance and order are significant in the Earth, the other facet of the coin-change and evolution to greater love, liberty, and well-being to get all-is just as significant. Human society can't evolve and expand unless you can find people who challenge the established order. A strange fact about Uranus is that it dares to rotate on its side, thus breaking with tradition, and really Uranus is very unconventional and constantly prepared to challenge matters as they are.
Uranus is a innovative humanitarian, rebel and visionary with no exceptional respect for authority-he prefer to exert his powerful vision and will over jurisdiction in his idealistic pursuit for liberty, justice, producing opportunity for poorer members of society.
Uranus is the contrary of brother Saturn: in which Saturn is worried about constraints, Uranus principles our expansive, creative wisdom, calling us inspired action and thought, and also to uniqueness instead of conformity. Those qualities derive from our relation to the worldwide intelligence. Change is a key word for Uranus-always alter for the better, and the quicker the better- toward an enlarged life along with the higher realms of awareness.
The Uranus principles explain our best leaders and role models. Uranus represents an extremely strong intellect, and wisdom together with creativity makes for excellent discoveries in the sciences and also the many impressive artistic inventions.
Uranus rules Aquarius and, together with Saturn, the 11th House (Friends & Vision). From the body Uranus rules the nervous system, psychological disorders, and adrenal gland.
Neptune is the Roman god of the sea (Greek Poseidon), represented from the deep blue colour of Earth. This isn't a concrete or literal world in its own qualities. It's connected with a number of nonmaterial, occasionally nebulous and transcendent, principles: faith and spirituality, dream, creativity, creativity in music and art, idealism, compassion, love, higher states of awareness and connectedness into the celestial, mysticism, and psychic phenomena.
People under the influence of Saturn could be attracted to professions and actions that manage withdrawal to itself, like monks or nuns. Saturn at its best supports our strivings toward insight and inspiration, but its negative effect is related to dependence, fatigue, illusions, and disturbance.
Neptune rules Pisces as well as together with Jupiter, the 12th House (the Personal Connection with the Divine & the Invisible Realms). From the body Neptune rules the pineal gland, thalamus, emotional neuroses, and unresolved ailments.
Back in 2006 Pluto was demoted by astronomers into the standing of dwarf world, but it stays crucial in astrology.
Pluto is the Roman god of the underworld and of riches. There are a number of dark elements to Pluto, just as most of us have a dark side.
Pluto requires us to comprehend the use of passing and all endings and also to utilize those inevitable occurrences to revive our soul and our own life. Even though Pluto destroys, additionally, it transforms and rebuilds exactly what it rolls.
Unfortunately we are apt to resist the profound changes that we want , and Pluto's passing will probably be felt as very uncomfortable as we're forced to give up older identities and ways of being that no longer serve us. Pluto isn't a gentle force: the world's presence will be felt as really powerful and unyielding. It's much better to learn how to work together with the positive facets of the transformative process than to withstand Pluto together with our will-if a power struggle arises, Pluto will prevail in the long run!
Pluto represents the profound subconscious, both collective and individual, and the requirements and drives which are stored there. It's in that profound kingdom which conflicts arise, pointing towards our requirement for transformation. We have to come to terms of these conflicts and take our development into higher levels of being. That procedure will constantly feel unsettling, even twisted, but if the conflict is finished, you'll feel profoundly rejuvenated!
Pluto's power battle happens both , as a pursuit for self-mastery, and within our own relationships, in which we have to learn how to share power with other people. If this battle goes wrong, despotism, enormous criminality, war, violence, and finally the collapse of an whole society could ensue. You can now see why astrologers were not pleased with the demotion of Pluto-this diminutive world has great ability!
Pluto rules Scorpio and, together with Mars, the 8th House (Death & Regeneration). From the body Pluto is related to reproduction and regeneration.
Chiron, discovered in 1977, is so small that it is known as a"planetoid." It's among the several small celestial bodies which have significance in astrology, and I've long appreciated the role and concept of Chiron at the research.
He had been left by his own parents, and grew to a talented healer. He suffered an arrow wound which caused him great pain, causing him to give up his mortality so as to be relieved of pain during deadly death. Hence he's referred to as the"wounded healer," meaning someone who's ready to heal others as the consequence of her or his own distress.
Chiron represents our deepest wounds, frequently going back to our youth and buried deep within our subconscious, and requires us to find our own recovery. As we conquer our wounds and grow above our traumaswe know to heal ourselves. The recovery process opens our heart and fills it with empathy, giving us the capability to heal others too. As we give ourselves to others and encourage their recovery, we grow into a higher degree of being.
By detecting Chiron's position on your research you will learn that areas of your life are in need of recovery before you may grow to your full human potential. Chiron frequently figures prominently at the horoscopes of physicians and psychologists.
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