Are 3D Crime Reenactment Animations In The Court Room Fair to The Accused?

Not long ago, I watched a totally amazing Hollywood Film; Lincoln. Okay so, I understand that there were books, documentaries, and films made with this particular gentleman than just about anybody in the previous 200 decades, but seriously, this is a wonderful film, and appeared very realistic. Obviously, in spite of all the study time put into that job the behind the scenes perspective, couldn't possibly have been authentic, it was a view of history in hindsight with no 1 alive today to confirm some of it. However, it looked real, so individuals will consider it and embrace it as reality.

However most men and women think it's an actual story. Then, I'd love to take this a step farther and go over an old quotation;"it is amazing what you can get folks to think," which goes for entire societies, kids in schools, or perhaps juries. Okay so, let us talk.
Then, if juries become used to viewing animations of 3D offense enactments, and they get to see full-length holographic demonstrations at the court area, it may cement to the heads of the jurors that they really saw the offense themselves, almost like a secondary witness of history, as those people who see that wonderful Hollywood Picture; Lincoln, or even my friends who believe Lancelot really existed once upon a time in a property far-far-away.
Can we not pollute the heads of the juries with this kind of amusement in the courtrooms? Just how many innocent guys might we convict from the procedure? Who's to say the 3D renderings weren't doctored? Can judges allow those in the courtrooms as proof? Will suspect attorneys find ways to discount these renderings based on modifications made to this CADCAM applications at every step of their way and question every single line and change of code?
More questions than answers but that is a very fascinating new crime fighting tool no doubt, I simply wonder whether it'll be used responsibly, and when we'll use to convict the bad men and precisely how persuasive it will become later on in the opinion of the juries. I wager psychologists may warn us concerning this route moving forward. I stand in amazement of this tech, and leave no verdict yet, I would sure like to discover, and I believe we may later on. Please think about all this and believe on it.