Authors: Your Book Is Your Business

Start where you are with everything you've got. You have heard it countless times. However, what does this mean? You have printed the book and you also got up it Amazon. Congratulations!

The fun and frenzy starts.
You push people to purchase it. You share the connection from Amazon. You do"free download" times together with the eBook. You conduct Facebook advertising. You site about it. You ship out eblasts. You receive creative and do a publication trailer and a couple of blog excursions. You compose a media release. You pitch yourself into the media. You reserve yourself on podcasts or conduct a teleseminar or begin podcast all over the topic of the publication.
Hoping people purchase the book, speak to the book and have more people BUY the publication. Whew!
Book sales are soaring - to three or more months. You then know what happens after about 90 days?
You are worn out and tired of pushing your publication. You quit pushing it along with your earnings tank. All that hard work and you're currently at a stand still.
That is why being a writer is insufficient. You need to turn into an authorpreneur. You need to have a strategy to turn your book into a business enterprise.
You're the expert and also the authority on all the subject of your publication. You shouldn't restrict yourself to simply being a sales man to get a publication. You're the CEO of your information product enterprise.

An authorpreneur creates classes, workbooks, audio books, home study courses, lecture series - as well as"branded" products such as T-shirts, journals, backpacks or telephone cases. That is what we call"product line extension."

Think like an entrepreneur not like a writer. Sure, it is possible to go talk and market books in the rear of the space. But you are not minding the whole business model of what's possible with a publication.
You're able to hold a yearly conference or conference around the topic of your publication.
You can create an entire sales funnel and start video/audio lessons for various levels of learning. Consider starting a series for people who are starting, then intermediate and eventually advanced.
You can coach people and consult with companies.
You can promote your book from bulk to associations.
You may turn into a paid spokesperson, columnist or a regular contributor to networking business as the pro.
You might get patrons and supply them with content for their sites. There are dozens and dozens of goods or streams of revenue you may pull from your publication, but you have got to think like an authorpreneur. It is about leveraging your assets, experience and business savvy to reach another level.