Book Review - Ken Dychtwald's Age Power

One the most well-known demographers (analysis of demographics) at america is currently Ken Dychtwald. He has written three novels on the topic, and consults Presidents, World Leaders, along with top CEOs of leading businesses.

Though this novel was written in 1999 and re-published in 2000 and has been a best-seller, what's changed since then? Not much really, and all Ken's predictions are still playing now.
The majority of us understand about this dilemma, and many people have elderly members of our loved ones who might soon be needing long-term maintenance and health care services. Are we ready, what exactly are we going to do if that time comes, how can we know if it is time to find a little additional help for dad or mom?
How bad is the issue actually? No, it is not only here, but it might grow to be a much worse issue here. He says:"A caregiving crunch could develop into the social and financial sink hole of this 21st century"
Mean with this statement? Well, it is easy, there is not going to be sufficient money for households to look after all of the older seniors in the previous ten years of the lives, or sufficient cash in the usa treasury to cover everybody's health care services throughout this time. In addition, he clarifies that unless 10's of millions of caregivers have been educated within another decade there will not be enough folks to fulfill demand - not enough people for all those households that can afford those services.
We are all saved by fresh live-longevity breakthroughs? Do not rely on it says Dychtwald, convinced we might live little more with technological improvements, but we will want help and when health care costs continue to grow, it is going to a catastrophe.
After reading chapter of the publication;"The Caregiving Crunch" I'm even more confident that there's a good demand for affordable and reasonable in-home care solutions, as households require an agency with educated, trustworthy, and back-ground checked health professionals. It is required now more than ever before. This market has to be filled. Our state's seniors and their quality of life rely on it.