Book Summary: "The Knight in Rusty Armor" by Robert Fisher

The publication, written 30 decades back, includes a Forward that sums it up well: It is a lighthearted story of a distressed knight looking for his real self. His travel reflects our very own - filled with despair and hope, belief and disillusionment, tears and laughter. Anybody who has ever struggled with the meaning of love and life will detect profound wisdom and precision as this beautiful fantasy unfolds.The Knight" is an adventure that will expand your mind, touch your spirit, and nourish your own spirit}.

It's a quick read, however I advise that you just not read it too fast, as you may miss a few of the excellent lessons and insights which are packed to it.
Here's a summary of the narrative, including a number of its key points and classes (in my standpoint ):
Though he thought of himself as a great, kind, and loving guy (e.g., he battled foes who had been poor, mean and hateful; he slew dragons; and he even appeared honest damsels in distress), he wished to be the number one knight from the kingdom so he was not happy. Unfortunatelyhe failed his wife and child since he was away on a crusade or preoccupied with his knight company when he was dwelling.
He'd become so enamored with his armor he wore it consistently about their castle (even to supper and to bed) and it started to become his only real individuality.
The knight was confronted with a problem if his wife threatened to shoot their son and depart if he would not take his armor off (so she would see who he actually was). Not attempting to lose his loved ones, he proceeded to remove his helmet but it did not budge. When the neighborhood blacksmith could not eliminate it , the knight knew he needed to hunt for aid in different lands, in the shape of Merlin the Magician.
The knight hunted the woods for weeks searching for Merlin, but with no success. He had been losing his expectation and self-confidence when he eventually discovered Merlin sitting in the woods, surrounded by creatures of the woods. After the knight said he was searching for Merlin and has been missing for weeks, Merlin fixed him saying"Your entire life" (he has been missing ). The knight responded he had not come all this way to be insulted, however, Merlin commented that"Maybe you've taken the facts for an insult."
The knight was upset and wanted to depart, but the burden of the armor had left him too weak to scale back to his horse and ride off. Merlin reported this was blessed because"A individual can't run and learn. He must remain in 1 location for some time." Merlin then told that the knight he wasn't born with all the armor as well as the reason he'd placed it on in the first place was because he had been so afraid. The knight responded he wore the armor for security and"to establish I was a great, kind, and loving knight." "If you were great, kind, and loving, why would you need to establish it?" Merlin asked. To which Merlin answered"And do you seek the answers to your queries from other people?"
Merlin delivered the knight on his way down a new route, stating that"Individuals tend to be unaware of this route they're on" and depriving him of his purpose: to eliminate his armor. This new route, the Trail of Truth, appeared steep and narrow into the knight, and even though he was not convinced that it was worth the climb, he knew that he had to attempt it. Merlin agreed, stating"Your choice to shoot an unknown path while encumbered with heavy armor requires courage." When Merlin said that in the peak of the Trail there will be three castles obstructing his way, the knight became excited, saying that"There is going to be a princess within every castle, and I will slay the dragon guarding rescue and her -" However Merlin interrupted himsaying"There will not be any princesses at one or more one of these castles. You need to learn how to save yourself ."
Merlin continued. "The very first castle is termed Silence; the next, Knowledge; along with also the third party, Will and Daring. When you enter them, you'll find your way out just once you've learned what you're there to find out." The knight felt this journey was likely to be a whole lot harder than a crusade and Merlin consented, stating"There's another struggle to be fought on the course of Truth. The battle will soon be learning to love yourself"
Both have a very long conversation, where the king speaks words of knowledge for example:"One can not see until one knows." "Many people are trapped inside our armor" "Being silent is not speaking." "Everybody knows crusades, however, very few comprehend fact." Exhausted in the profound exploration of himself, the knight finally drops into a profound sleep, waking out the castle. It's there that he finds his helmet has dropped away!
And another that read: Perhaps you have confused demand for love? Since he sat awhile and considered the readings, it dawned on him that he had wanted the love of his wife and son (and each one the damsels he'd rescued) since he did not love himself. And when he did not like himself, he could not really enjoy others. Since the knight confessed this to himself, Merlin the Magician appeared and advised him that"You've found a fantastic truth. You're able to enjoy others just to the extent that you enjoy yourself"
The knight came to know that his dream for getting the very best knight in the property may have led him astray. Merlin wondered if the knight was busy trying to become, he could not enjoy simply being. Merlin reported that"Ambition that comes in the brain can get you [material wealth ]. But only ambition that comes in the center may also bring joy." After the knight vowed that, from this moment on, his dream would come from the center, he found himself back to the route of Truth... along with the armor on his legs and arms had dropped away.
The Following Day, the knight came in the drawbridge into the Castle of Will and Daring. When he was halfway around, a massive, fire-breathing dragon lumbered out that had been aptly called the Dragon of Fear and Doubt. The knight was fearful, but he remembered that Merlin once said that self-knowledge can kill the Dragon of Fear and Doubt, since self-knowledge is fact and fact is mightier than the sword. Together with his newfound knowledge he was born great, kind, and loving, which he did not have to show anything to anybody, he understood he did not need to feel dread and uncertainty. The dragon was just an illusion.
The monster threw gigantic flames in the knight, but not one put fire . The monster became smaller and smaller till it was no larger than a frog, then began spitting little seeds in the knight. However, these seeds - that the Seeds of Doubt - did not halt the knight either. He had defeated the dragon who stated in a little voice into the knight"I will return again and again to stand on your way"... and the dragon disappeared. Self-knowledge had murdered the Dragon of Fear and Doubt, along with the knight believed nothing can stop him today.
To finish this section of the trip self-discovery, the knight required to scale over sharp stones on his way into the Summit of all Truth. Towards the top and obstructing his route, he discovered a massive boulder with an inscription chiseled onto itThough this world I have, I have not something, for I can't understand the unknown in the event the famous I cling. He was no more sure of all the things he believed he knew about himselfsuch as his name, his beliefs, and his conclusions. He'd understand he was relegated to the jagged stones, so to understand the unknown, he believed he had to go, even when fall could kill him.
Throughout his collapse, the knight introduced his guilt, decisions, and explanations, accepting full responsibility for his life. And he was unafraid. As an unknown calm overtook himhe found himself climbing up and standing at the top of this mountain. "He would give up all that he had feared and he had known and owned. The world was his to encounter and revel in." He smiled through the tears, oblivious that a glowing, fresh light fades out of him.