Can Hulk Take on Superman the Man of Steel?

In light of both wildly successful films of late, lovers of both significant comic books have been asking one another and warring on forums across the reaches of cyberspace that the only pertinent question when two veritable gods dominate the display: who'd win in a fight? We had been privy to the Hulk's amazing power in both the 2003 and the 2008 films, where the illimitable wrecking machine chose to crush until he could crush no longer. Obviously, even though the movie was successful financially, the reception to get the very first one was somewhat mixed.
The Man of Steel Has Landed
Predictably, when the Superman reboot came into the end, starring fresh celebrity to the franchise Henry Cavill, it totally blew the Hulk away in the box office, tripling the Gamma Dragon's amounts. Therefore that the success is resoundingly from the Man of Steel's favor with this notice; however still leaves the question of who'd choose the gruesome in a"real" battle.
Known from the mild-mannered alter-ego of Clark Kent, this mysterious god includes a treasure trove of forces: heat vision, super-breath, super speed, super-strength, atmospheric and interstellar flight, he is virtually impervious to bodily harm, along with ice breath. These do not even involve the complete package of his abilities! Frankly, the Man of Steel has more weapons at his disposal than several superb groups; and he's powered with the efficiently limitless energy of the yellow star.
His sole rivals ago were celestial things such as Sky-Fathers and multiverse overseers. Hulk doesn't have any chance at all against those incarnations of the Man of Steel, needless to say.
The unbelievable Hulk, on the other hand, has some fairly formidable features of his very own. A monster forged in the core of a gamma bomb - that is the shortest assortment of light wavelengths - the unleashed psyche of atomic scientist Dr. Bruce Banner is a fearsome green rage system. The Hulk begins using mega-strength, and it just gets worse from there if you make him mad. He has been known to maintain billion-ton mountains aloft to rescue his Avengers teammates, and even ripped the supposedly unbreakable metal adamantium in a fight with the X-Man Wolverine. Needless to say, to achieve the latter effort, he had been as mad as he had ever been, next only to the struggle using the psionic menace Onslaught.
As striking as Hulk's feats of power have been, that they take a decided back seat to Kal-El's unbridled and apparently limitless power. Superman has proceeded planets and churns off atomic blasts. Superman vs Hulk are a fantastic battle due to the difficulty in placing Hulk down - because of his unbelievable healing variable - but Hulk has just never really faced anything like the Man from Krypton. His valor and honour aside, it's quite tricky to envision that Superman does not have the ability to really kill the Hulk - although he would never take action. Together with his superspeed, Hulk does not have a shot at landing a punch, and Superman's invulnerability ought to have the ability to defy it if he did get struck.
Despite all of the forces that they have going for them, Hulk vs Superman probably actually just boils down to who you enjoy the most - that was your favourite childhood super hero. The actual treat is ultimately seeing the way the comic book authors themselves could allow a legitimate conflict play out - possibly this type of deal is in the works to the long run.