Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse & Sun in Cancer (July 7-2009)

A Life of Dichotomy

Astrology provides us a method to comprehend and make sense from their polarities of our double existence. There's always a reverse of what we could perceive! Moderate to darkness, like to dread, contraction and expansion; you could find examples to it about all levels of physical development.

When I look to a graph and the way the planets are dispersed inside, I concentrate on the opposite sign since it holds the secret to equilibrium. Each wheel of the zodiac indicates the purpose of this potentiality of oneness at the middle. We can really tap in that stage of transcendence of these outer topics signaled by the 12 signs round the middle. Each signal and its expression in our own life is only going to be balanced and complete by having incorporated the opposing attributes of the other sign.
The Importance of the Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse & Sun in Cancer
When we examine sunlight and the Moon we now examine two opposing forces.
The Sun is representing our man saying, our conscious thoughts, how we express ourselves through our own activities and our self identity and image. We're conscious of that the Sun as a mindful, life giving power for each of us.
Even the Moon is representing our feminine receptivity, our subconscious thoughts and may surprise us once in a while with feelings climbing up and flood our expertise from the gloomy as it appears. Moon is our manner of perceiving the world through our feelings and joins us with a huge area of potentiality from the collective unconsciousness. This manner Moon is ingesting our imagination and fills our nicely with delicious new ideas and ideas.
But we've got yet another set of conflicting powers here with Capricorn and Cancer. The Moon is the ruler of the Cancer signal and is located in its own opposing sign with this complete Moon. New Moons and Full Moons are generally much improved points of psychological impact to start with. It's quite beneficial for our conscious attunement with the international forces to keep your eye on the shifting Moon through the entire month.
The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse
During a Lunar Eclipse the ground is in between Sunlight and the Moon obstructing the light emitting from the Sun to be represented by the Moon. There's a moment of disturbance of the familiar stream of consciousness and with it a possibility of waking up from our ordinary, quite patterned and habituated stream of ideas and self-expression.
It's been stated that a lunar eclipse brings up the shadow aspect of this signal it's in and using it a period of integration and modification. That's correct, but more so this time around, using all the ability of comprehension of the Sun from the opposing sign Capricorn dominated by the Moon.
Let's take a peek at both complementary signs we're dealing with here!
Cancer: The Archetypal Mother (June 22-July 22) is dominated by the Moon. It's our most womanly, water signal and educates us receptivity through bringing using its own magnetic force.
The symbol for Cancer is the crab, representing Cancer's powerful association with plain water, the most womanly element. On planet Earth, water is the source of life, therefore Cancer is connected with providing life. Cancers also should admit they have to be cared for themselves in order to become emotionally balanced! They're more psychological than practical. Their imaginative side may lead them into careers in the arts, cinema, and audio.
Cancer's Dark Side
The dim side of Cancer is just not incorporated parts of Capricorn. If Cancer doesn't take on the self-responsibility and self-discipline of their opposing Capricorn and neglects to exert accurate caring for oneself and then others, it is going to appear as psychological self-indulging immaturity, self-denial and martyrdom.
The thought of self-sacrifice with all the expectation of being viewed and awarded narcissistic reflection due to this, isn't really functioning. Usually it's a really clear but immature method of attempting to restrain and to receive love and attention.
Everyone has an inner kid and all of us have been hurt to some stretch in our background of developing up. When it has been dealt with, it is going to explode into our face sometimes as this particular one. Repressed emotions will overflow the customary holding container, overpowering our defenses and have to be taken care of.
Water is very potent and may erode mountains with time, alter whole sea shore lines and also do much damage by flood. However, the power of water can also be creating and encouraging life; healing and cleansing.
Capricorn: The Conservative Pragmatist (Dec 22-Jan 20) is ruled by Saturn. It's a indication of the planet and even if its sex is deemed female, its behaving qualities are translated as fatherly as well as man.
Capricorn is the very first indication in the previous quarter of the annual cycle, representing this societal platform. As individuals mature, they proceed from self-centered to become oriented toward other people. They start to get a feeling of the obligation toward society. Capricorns seek to maintain visible places of prestige and power in society. Their conservative principles and black believing can make them stiff related to morality. They're bent on achievement, holding high standards for others and themselves.
The Dark Side of Capricorn
The Dark Side of Capricorn is command, corruption, power, materialism, rigidity and inflexibility. Most of us have that side at which we wish to maintain the status quo as we're too fearful of what shift brings. I've observed many people (myself included once in a while) instead holding on a lousy position then chancing the unknown. Perhaps you have been in this location? So we must thank the celebrities when they're pushing us over the border and forcing us into letting go and letting God do!
More of this Dark Side Effects of Capricorn with Pluto inside

The outer planets are particularly great at doing this using their transformational power (Pluto), revolutionizing upheavals (Uranus) and transcending of {trouble|difficulty} with Neptunian methods of increasing our consciousness to a higher state of the mind.

We'll be visiting more of the shadowy side of Capricorn with Pluto inside at the long run. When you see the news it's possible to see all of the cracks and crannies going via the established power structures of the society and the market it's based on. Nothing is functioning how it used to and that's good!
And a lot people believe we have not signed up with this and we instead have the old ways...
While we actually do not have a great deal of decision about the standard of the universal forces we're subjected to, we have a choice in the way we cope with them based on our frame of mind and consciousness!
Astrology is all about rising aware awareness of where you're in the larger picture and so providing you with options!
Love this Prospect of Walking into the Middle Trail - to the Middle of Balance
The balanced location for Capricorn and Cancer is really an area of awareness of their internal psychological needs for love and security, self-care, self- responsibility rather than blaming somebody else on the market (even if it's the celebrities ), exerting self-discipline and leadership qualities with a loving spirit to the larger good and healing that the twisted inner female and male side within us.
Whenever we whine and blame someone out there; your friend, lover, boss, or authorities we give our power away and become the sufferer.
Your Personal Power
Stepping to your private power means accepting where you are then focusing all of your psychological and psychological energy towards where you wish to go. Then you hold that planned future in mind and heart and revel in the unfolding...
"When you intentionally find positive facets of everything you're devoting your attention to, you, in a feeling, song your vibrational tuner to positive features of everything. And, clearly, you can tune yourself negatively too. However, as you're intentionally searching for positive aspects in yourself or others, you may find more of these things:"The better it gets, the better it's," for you capture more and more of what you're thinking about -if you need it or not" - Abraham-Hicks