Cartoon Character Licensing - Hi Betty Boop!

Who's Betty Boop?

Betty Boop is maybe among the most renowned cartoon characters of all time. In authentic animation spirit, nevertheless, by her next look she had morphed out of a poodle to a curvaceous woman with large dark eyes and a bit miss innocence voice.
The woman/girl edition of Betty Boop was a caricature of singer Helen Kane although the voice was 'performed' by Margie Hines, though later episodes could be voiced by a range of actresses, most prominent of whom was Mae Questel; the Boop mistress who started voicing the role in 1931 and continued that the personality until she expired in 1998. Now's Betty Boop is done by Tress MacNeille in animations and Tara Strong when exhibited in advertisements.
Initially all of the rights to the personality were possessed solely by Paramount Pictures. Though the character was quite popular and Paramount Pictures was really pleased with its own sales, the National Legion of Decency along with the Production Code of 1934 seriously changed the material of the Betty Boop cartoons. While she'd initially been innocently sexual along with the animation was rife with sexual innuendos, the 1934 Production Code known for more rigorous alterations, along with the prevalence of the personality started to decline somewhat as she became 'societal acceptable.' Finally in 1955 that the 110 looks she'd made in animations to this date were marketed by Paramount Pictures and purchased by means of a television syndicator from the title of UM&M TV Corporation. A year after UM&M was purchased by National Telefilm Associates (NTA) which later reorganized to become Republic Pictures throughout the 1980's a company now a subsidiary of Viacom who's (wait for this ) the parent company of Paramount Pictures.
The current revival of Betty Boop interest in the previous 3 decades has improved the value of this animation and merchandising permits with fantastic quantities of merchandise bearing her picture in addition to VHS and DVD reproductions of each the first and latest animations featuring the magnificent Ms. Boop.
Presently the permit for those animations (as replicated in films ) rests with Lionsgate Home Entertainment beneath a permit from Republic. The television rights have been held by Trifecta. Interestingly enough, but it's the merchandising permit (originated by Max Fleischer's heirs and now possessed by Fleischer Studios) who have garnered the maximum income and fame, for you see her anywhere; on T-shirts and perfumes and purses; winking and slinking and being innocently seductive, an abrupt and unplanned American Idol.