Common Issues in Android Lollipop and Their Solutions

Android Lollipop Issues with their solutions

Though Android Marshmallow is outside for some apparatus, lots of the apparatus are still utilizing Lollipop and are still getting upgrades to the OS. Lollipop has become a stunning operating method for Android with such incredible features, but there's not any such thing as ideal, and Lollipop is no exclusion. There are lots of Android Lollipop problems and we are going to record here some frequent Android Lollipop problems and their potential fix.
Crashing Programs:
The Lollipop upgrade introduced memory leaks that caused a lot of issues around. This Android Lollipop problem resulted in the programs to crash and have lag from the UI and even resulted in the UI to induce stop with no sort of warning.
On high-end apparatus, this escape is not much noticeable, but for your elderly devices, this may lead to a great deal of issues.
Rebooting the device is only going to resolve this briefly and after a couple of days, the lag will reunite.
Clearing the Google perform's information will somehow address the matter, however to permanently address the problem you are going to need to wait for Google to launch an official upgrade.

Slow Charge:

If your device takes place to bill somewhat slower than previously, then you are not alone in this issue. A whole lot of consumers have this Android Lollipop problem and also do note that charging out of a PC will remain slow. Some possible solutions for this are.
• In case you are using a third party charger, then might be why charging.
• The cable may be causing a issue, try charging it with a different trusted cable.
• Clear your device's cache partition.
Quick battery drain:
A great deal of users are whining about this Android Lollipop problem their cellphone's battery drains a whole lot quicker than it used to decreases quite quickly. This was a significant problem at the very first Lollipop upgrade was later fixed with an upgrade and should most likely have a far greater battery life than previously. If you are facing the issue, try them.
• Update all of your programs so that they are compatible with the new OS and also clear their cache.
• Factory reset your device.
No sound on telephone:
A number of individuals have confronted this Android Lollipop problem where they can not appear to listen to the caller and vice versa. This creates the user impossible to get calls. The possible answers for this are.
• Restarting your telephone appears to take care of the issue.
• Try utilizing your headset or a Bluetooth headset then switch back to the sound of your apparatus.
Camera Isn't functioning:
Not a great deal of folks have been confronting this Android Lollipop problem but for people who have, this dilemma has defeated them a great deal. Some individuals also have been complaining about the camera switches evaporating so even you can't change to front camera. Some solutions to correct this dilemma are.
• Restart your cellphone and then open the program.
• Force prevent the camera program from configurations and clear its cache and information and then restart your apparatus
• Wipe the Cache of your apparatus.

• Factory reset your device.