Could The Pokemon Story Be Turned Into A Post-Apocalyptic Vision?

Well, not really- maybe not if Nintendo wants to maintain its profitable spinoff marketplace of Pokemon plush doll (or even'plushies'), stuffed toys, characters (like Zuken and Tomy characters ), and also the press line such as the cartoon and the manga moving strong. Not only are kids not drawn to dark, complicated doomsday scenarios, they'd only wind up scared by the entire assumption and also have nightmares.

For children, the Pokemon world is a dream world, but a secure one- particularly for individuals. I think they simply accept the world at face value. An individual can make the argument any narrative that includes revolutionary genetic mutation as a significant assumption has to be menacing somehow or another. Children obviously are not giving it much thought though and who can blame them?
The simple fact is though that upon evaluation that the Pokemon world is quite odd indeed. Besides the spontaneous mutations, not many people appear to inhabitant the entire world. I acknowledge that I'm not a massive fan, but so far as I understand Vermillion City is the only city I know of at the Pokemon world, and the sole reason for our most important characters to go there's to battle their recorded Pokemon.
Science labs dot the countryside, and while they're specialists on Pokemon, we don't have any idea what else it's that they are studying. Within this world, it appears that the globe has returned into countryside- there are not any factories, factories, or highways around, or even homes. There's not any shopping mall nonetheless Satoshi dresses just like a contemporary child. We do not know where they're receiving their sustenance.
It's a world dominated by Pokemon, and the sole reason humans can control the Pokemon is due to the Pokemon's peculiar passivity and obedience supporting them and also the simple fact of the (the individual's ) exceptional intellect. People, it would appear, have gone into hibernation in this planet and the sole reason for their presence as we know it from the narrative is to participate Pokemon to battle and win championships. There's not any underlying infrastructure or culture - below compared to labs and the stadium - which we could see, that isn't associated with Pokemon and the conflicts.
For an adult, these raise enormous questions. Does not seem a universe which has been destroyed century past, and is reemerging as something distinct? While individuals appear to have lived and don't seem to be at risk, they also appear to have no leadership, no culture. Or maybe a little colony of people ended up about the odd Pokemon world. In any event, there are lots of strange openings in the Pokemon narrative.