Critical Review of the Book Titled "Sal-A Feast of Kashmiri Cuisine"

I Desired to prepare a Normal Kashmiri Sherbat in the time of Ramzaan. I had been looking for Kashmiri recipes. I wasn't too lucky enough to learn about it. It had been composed by Smt. It was a brilliant book with a lot of recipes in the valley. The title of this writer has been Gulshan Books, Srinagar-Kashmir. The expense of this publication is Rs.495.

The book is devoted to her mom. The contents of this publication are:
1. 11 Wazwaan recipes
2. 7 Non-Vegetarian recipes
3. 21 Vegetarian Recipes
4. 8 Mutton and Vegetable
5. 9 recipes prepared in fish along with One recipe prepared in duck
6. 2 Dried Vegetables
7. 4 Recipes with rice
8. 4 Desserts
9. 4 Beverages
10. 7 Snacks and Tea-Time Savouries
11. 4 Chutneys
12. 1 Pickle
13. 2 thirds Cakes (garlic and asafoetida established )
The excellent points within the publication are:
A. Different forms of recipes are shared with the writer.
b.The writer gives a vivid introduction concerning the Kashmiri cuisine-right from seasonal dishes to merry cuisine.
c.The authentic recipes shared by her negative are Sadre Kaenz, Sheer Chai, bakery goods, harisa, girda, etc
d. She discusses concerning the usage and avoidance of particular vegetables and spices during seasons and festivals as explained in conventional novels.
E. Quite clear colored photos for a variety of dishes have been showcased in the publication (this includes the conventional copper utensils used for various functions ).
f. Her main contribution is in the consumption of recipes with fruits that are dried.
G. Here is the only publication sharing the recipe to get a drink named Babribyol Sherbet (beverage prepared from chia seeds) and also sadr-e-kaenz-a fermented rice ).
The weak points of this publication are:
a. The segments non-vegetarian and mutton and vegetable might have been shot into one class only.
b. The writer wasn't fair within her contribution to the discussion and record of those Wazwaan dishes.
C. Though the writer mentions about different bakery goods in the debut of her publication, but there's nowhere mentioned or talked about the way these goods are ready by the Kandarvaan or the baker's store.
d. The writer isn't shown much focus involving the preparations of different dishes out of the dried fruits.
e. There are different varieties of pickles ready in Kashmir. The writer misses her things in it as well.
To outline ultimately, the book is really an introduction into the world of Kashmiri cuisine. The writer explains the measures in a really lucid fashion and one may follow along well. I liked cooking a few of the recipes in the book.