CSI Number11 - The Case of the Unheard Evidence

It was a balmy summer day in Marin County, back close to the start of my personal computer forensics career. Back in the day - until we called it that - I'd hailed as an expert opinion just a couple times. My toes were not level yet, my sneakers never yet gummy. Y2K was only starting to glow in the opinion of the failed armies of COBOL developers. The weather was appropriate for taking large steps. The place was ideal for studying.The timing was ripe for disappointments.

However, not initially. In the beginning, I simply saw the dollar signs.
Two or three well-heeled L.A. attorneys gave me a telephone. The company had seven surnames in its own name and among these names was on the telephone. I snapped to attention since they inquired if I could examine some 100MB Zip discs, tell these men what was about the discs, and what was on these. A hundred Megabytes was not so small then.
After imaging and locking the discs, I took a little walk through the document arrangement with outdated Norton Utilities in maintenance mode. Found some documents which shouldn't happen to be there. Found a disk-optimization application was conducted - maybe to overwrite files which were there before. A defrag operation that may frag the documents.
You see, when a document is deleted, not much really happens to it initially. It is like somebody erased an entry in the table of contents - that the pc is too dumb to understand it is still there, simply since the indicator to the document was altered. However, until something writes within the contents of the deleted document, it's still lying there, waiting to become reconnected using a directory, waiting to be shown once more. With time, deleted documents will have a tendency to become overwritten, as it happens, a defrag is a much faster way to track deleted files - at least near the front of the disc - so they become unrecoverable.
These few files that were deleted, which we regained, along with the couple files with the awesome dates convinced that our moneyed customers to drop a little more coin and have me fly to Southeast L.A. to pull on the disc drives out of nine computers. Once they told me that the story of this instance, it happened to me I could be traveling to the lion's den.
This is the bargain.
This firm produced containers for pies and cakes as well as a variety of deliciously displayed and included goodies. They left them for Costco and countless other shops. You have had food in these types of containers. The technique of fabricating was secret and unique and based on proprietary applications feeding directions to habit machines.
The business was worth roughly 60 million dollars and has been owned by many members of the exact same family. Nearly all the voting stocks went with the notion of selling the corporation. The minority adamantly desired to not market. A particular number of shenanigans ensued.
While the older member of the bulk went on preparing files to market, members of this minority went about covertly establishing business elsewhere, using a deep-pockets spouse. They then moved about undermining the initial performance, destroying a high number of layouts that made the business unique.
Since I made my exit into the location of the filthy deeds, everything that can go wrong seemed to wish to really go wrong. Murphy was working overtime at no cost. Flights were cancelled and postponed; automobile bookings disappeared and they did not take American Express, but I had been on the street from LAX into town of Sandofay Wells. I called my helper to observe how things were moving.
"Steve, are you ok?"
Obviously I had been - what will be wrong, besides flaws?

"Your mother called - she had a premonition you'd expired."

Well, that has been from the blue. I phoned my lucky mom and let her understand that nothing was un - I was only outside on a gig, and to not worry.
But it began for me. Missed flights, bizarre car coverages, things overdue and bookings gone. Subsequently the warning out of my mother. Who was going to need to manage in the website? I move unarmed...

I decided to pull over and calmly tell my wife where the vital papers were, who the creditors were and more importantly, who made us money.

"Nohoney, nothing is wrong. I was just considering it.Kiss, kiss, see you tonight."
I drove to the place and steeled myself for... nothing. The poor guys were not there - they'd bolted the afternoon before and all was well. This was the sole red herring of this excursion.I took in a deep breath and walked in the labs.
You will find nine computers, also roughly precisely the exact same amount of men and women who wanted to speak. Listen, I will cook up a blue series of phrases in any given instant, but once I am attempting to operate, too many words are overly stressful.
I shot photographs, logged serial numbers, composed descriptions of these systems, their customers, their places as well as the drives. I tagged each drive and put it in an antistatic bag, then in a padded container, then at a large box with another drives
Two of those men gave me a tour of the store. 1 other man wanted help with saving a document. Some men were using their own computers straight up until the minute I needed to close them down to select the disk pushes out (Preserve proof ( really ). And among those men had intriguing stories.
One of those previous two was a hired consultant. He explained that he was hired to attempt and discover the lost documents and computer drawings. He conducted an installment of AutoCad on the machine where the documents were, in the procedure overwriting about 300MB of their information! His concern was to allow me to know that the backup of AutoCad was untrue - not pirated. The very first rule of proof isn't to ruin any!
Water under the bridge.
He was not a forensics man and I'd take care of the situation when I'd left a forensic picture by means of a write-blocker, and determine if anything was abandoned.
Another man with a narrative was that the older member of the bulk. The wily older uncle. He sat me down into his office for one hour or more and told me that the entire story. It was a fairly close fit to the person I mentioned previously.
The law office called and asked me to sit tight while among those attorneys brought over yet one more pc. It belonged to Pablo, the youngest member of their household, a part of this minority, and also the most populous of this group. This could end up being the most significant one. But more on this later.
Though I hope your stick-to-it-iveness, reader, a complete recounting of this work I didn't require more focus than I myself possess, so I will jump pretty fast into the decisions.
You will find mysterious holes at the information on a number of the hard disks, indicating that large swaths of information were deleted. In such holes were equally unique and arbitrary patterns of bytes. They seemed to have been overwritten with non-file data.
There was a phantom imaging application on several those computers which had documents deleted from them, and also these very same files seemed on the Zip discs I had looked at sooner. The very same documents were copied from the Zip Disks into Pablo's pc. The perp utilized the fast imaging capacities of Ghost to steal information. The exact same version of Ghost which has been on the few compromised computers was on Pablo's PC and nowhere else.
The regions of deleted files were substituted with all patterns consistent with a file-destroying program.Lo and behold, the Windows registry on Pablo's computer revealed that it had lately had a program known as"Shredder95" onto it, configured to create just such routines. Shredder95 was an early business file-shredding app and though it was uninstalled, the registry revealing it had been discovered just on Pablo's computers. After the application was uninstalled, it didn't shred the remnants of itself.
We led into a deposition, together with me dandied up in my own tie and fighter suit. The dawn of day among the residue, I got a few valuable coaching in the senior associate of this company that has stuck to the day. I had been advised:
1. Do not talk over the lawyer asking the question always wait till s/he's completed, for they may be asking anything other than what you began to reply - which will give things away we do not wish to give.
2. Do not tell jokes. When a jury is studying the transcript after, they can not can observe that the body language or hear the laughter at the living area. I had been embarrassingly aware of the when I afterwards read the transcript and watched my words that are joking,"I will need to ask my Mommy," entirely out of context.
3. Eat a light lunch so that you don't fall asleep after - the other hand is waiting for this so they could pounce on you unawares having a tricky question.
4. Always be certain to realize the question. If you do not, request it again.
5. Nearly never answer the question with yes or not. Make the question that your personal by simply replicating it as you reply, particularly if it's a lengthy question.The issue which begins,"is not it true, Mr. Burgess, that..." is almost always a red flag.
6. Always tell the truth, however, just answer the question that they ask. Do not be useful by rephrasing the question so that it's more practical. You will understand exactly what you believe they imply, but it is their job to ask the ideal question if they need the ideal details.
But for the joke I advised, the days I had been overly useful, the days I talked on the question, and also the times I talked too quickly for the court reporter to put down it (a habit of mine once I am talking technician ), the 2 times of deposition went fairly well.
There were months of emails, telephone calls, reports of how things were moving in courtroom, and then eventually, the significant court date.
Once more prettied up, I stepped to the court, ready for whatever, I believed - but not to what occurred.
The brief this wasalthough everyone understood what documents had been around the pc, and I might show they were ruined by Shredder95 - exactly the exact same variation that Pablo had, and configured exactly the exact same manner - and even though I might demonstrate that it occurred on the previous day Pablo had access to the computers in the store, and I might demonstrate that Pablo had a replica of this (stolen) deleted documents on his computer and also about the Zip discs, and I was able to discover an electronic copy of Pablo's receipt for Shredder, the judge did not let my own testimony. Why not? Since I hadn't personally seen the documents before they were ruined and consequently whatever that I mentioned about their devastation was hearsay.
Say exactly what?!
I envisioned an authority in a different circumstance. "Yesyour honour, we've got the parts of the train, so we've identified the compounds used to create the bomb which blew up it, we've got the sequential number of the detonator, the suspect admits to purchasing a detonator with this serial number, he has exactly the very same compounds in his flat, but we did not observe the chairs on the train until they blew up, therefore we can not make sure that these were exactly the very same chairs.Let him go."
Maybe an exaggeration, but if the judge and my customer both explained,"You are excused, Mr. Burgess," it was difficult to pick my jaw up off the ground. 2 decades of work finished without me having the ability to present it. A package of cash spent from the customer without a show for this. I found it astonishing.
However, you know, it is not for me to wonder the estimate.The court is his castle and what he says goes.
My customers ended up fine, although not as acceptable as they may happen to be with the further testimony.
Personally, I have paid to be mentored by a specialist. That is difficult to beat.

My toes have a bit flatter, and my shoes got a bit gummier...

It does not necessarily turn up all of roses in computer forensics, but also the prices can purchase a posey or 2 and also a can of Glade and if you shut your eyes on a summer's afternoon, you can not always tell the difference.
And the phone rings with a different customer who wants us to dig to the electronic world once again.
This is Only One of the numerous"CSI - Computer Forensics Files: Actual Cases from Burgess Forensics." Stay tuned for more tales of poor deeds discovered by sciencefiction fiction.