CSI18 - The Case of the Deadbeat Beauty

The Event of the Deadbeat Beauty

Not everything always works out in Forensicland.

Occasionally we hit out.

I had been looking out the tall windows of my office in the blue, blue Santa Barbara skies, with nary a cloud in sight. It had been my 50-something birthday. The statements were ignored. It looked like an ideal moment.
Then the telephone rang and a beautiful voice replied. Ginger Justín. She whined; she adored my jokes; she believed I was brilliant. As a professional. I informed her of her daddy. Her deceased daddy. I must have taken the cue.
It appears that Ms. Justín's father had passed away possibly with the assistance of Lynn Dallas, live-in companion - a company that had been at the most recent edition of daddy's will. Not just that, Ginger - type, caring, beautiful Ginger - was written from this will. Her sisters were in there. The grandkids were in there. Ms. Dallas's companion creature was in there, for dog's sake! Cash for your company's company! But nothing for Ginger.
Something needed to be performed.The poseur needed to be exposed before she took yet another old man's fortune. As Ginger told me,personally, this was Dallas's M.O. Get to know the old man, move in with him, become a love interest ("She adored him; she had been only after his money!") , then assist him shout the planet once the time was suitable. Ginger's legal eagle, Large Dan Tuberosa, agreed. "This really is a terrible girl, this Dallas. She has to be stopped"
So I asked to get a catalogue of devices which may hold a variety of versions of this will. Mr. Justín had a significant setup. Racks with networking equipment down and upstairs. Several laptops and computers. A great deal of backup drives.Ginger asked if I could pick them up at home manager, John Geering's location in Silicon Valley. And when I could cut this bad heroine break on the purchase price.
Thirty decades of being in the biz has taught me that the hard way when somebody attempts to wheel & deal on you, it is a red flag. Every dollar reduction appears to include a five-spot drop in respect. It is an odd section of human character that giving a C-note makes folks believe you are a simple mark. However, her distressed allure kicked in and I said I would select the equipment up next time that I had been up like that. It was that Yahoo! News needed my input for an internet interview/article known as:"True/False: Never Boost Your Old Telephone," so after the meeting, I moved to Geering's nearby digs to bring the stuff.
Once I came home from his office, there was Ginger, waiting to greet me. She had been long, lank, and lean, except where it depended. Her flaming red hair was alight with the day sun. She leaned me up with a languid, lasting hug and asked me to talk about a beer at a neighborhood sidewalk café, where we can go over the situation.
I chose a table outdoors, in everybody's opinion, simply to play it safe.A regional Firehouse IPA chilled my flushed face and settled my nerves enough to unaddle my own wits. The roar in my ears subsided. I discovered more about just how much Ginger's daddy loved her. I discovered more about the way her sisters (those mentioned in the Will) were relying on her to find the true story out, in their dad's memory. I discovered more about the wicked Miss Dallas. I heard this instance would be worth lots of money and could not I do a part of my commission on a contingency basis?
As it happens, expert witnesses aren't permitted to work on a contingency basis. The picture of this hired gun could be inevitable. Irrespective of the conditions, being compensated by how much you acquire only does not match with the integrity of complete honesty about the stand. Such as the Lamas instruct, attachment to the result only causes discomfort.
We had the issue of a contract along with a retainer to take care of. Big Dan promised me that Ginger was great for this, but it is never a great idea to begin without something written down.
For this behind us and a few tech talk place into place terms, we determined a plan.
She believed two computers (with 3 disc drives) are likely to bear fruit.
• I'd, obviously, create a forensic picture of every one of those hard disks, using FTK Imager via a draft blocker.
• Do a key word search with EnCase for phrases and phrases obtained from famous versions of this Will, and supply the results as a spreadsheet for every search phrase.

• Recover deleted documents.

• Search for Willmaker files, such as by locating a hexadecimal signature for all those documents, then hunt and split out them with Blade.
• Discover when and on that computer there'd been Wills made, accessed and modified.
• Supply a comprehensive list via dictionary of files with Production, Last Written, and Last Accessed Dates, among other file features.
• Dig up all existing and deleted Background entrances, utilizing NetAnalysis and HstEx
• Discover what USB devices were connected to every computer (if there were discoverable devices).
• Learn if file-wiping applications was set up.
As you may imagine, it required a little time and generated a great deal of digital documentation. This much information would take a considerable chunk of woods if I shipped it printouts. That many reams of paper are not totally free, and as I was not working pro bono, the opportunity to print out it would not be liberated. Facing the fact of needing to cover my period, Big Dan and Ginger consented to take it files although they did not need any electronic correspondence in order to be tracked later. They desired email communication to be mute on the topic of exactly what we discovered. The CYA alerts inside began buzzing. More flags began going up...
Ginger spent hours attempting to sort through the information. She was glowing, but her mind just was not constructed for digital spreadsheets - it was constructed for storytelling, and she wrote a storyline to match her storyline.
Once I explained the facts did not match, she asked me in a throaty voice when I could not please, please make this 1 modification to exactly what I though the information intended?Throughout red flags, I had to assume she had been pulling my leg. The information is the information. As a famed TV cop once said,"Just the facts, Ma'am."
The suspect's counsel consented to take my deposition within the telephone. Once an lawyer is preparing to attempt and take me aside, I love to have the ability to examine his body language, therefore telephone depos aren't my favorites. I could hear Large Dan and Ginger from the area, Together with the other attorney. We got to the topic of what modification, production and accessibility dates intended.As I explained, I could hear Ginger request a break to check on her son, who she said was ill at home.
Afterward, my office phone rang and the amount was hers! Her son was nice. She'd called to attempt and modify reality a little. Although she had difficulty finding her way around a spreadsheet, she insisted that I was incorrect in my testimony regarding dates. I had to clarify that I'd know a thing or two of these, and I had completed the experiments myself to get affirmation. She'd , she explained, and I had been incorrect. I have got to confess, I was a bit rattled. I attempted to describe Windows 7 and XP handle specific dates a little otherwise. I needed to follow my guns, and Ginger was angry.
Stillthey chose to carry it all of the way . Ginger ready a pile of shreddable paper clocks and faxed them to me personally. I was the one having difficulty interpreting spreadsheets since I could not make hers hold collectively. I did my very best. Nobody wants a gorgeous girl to believe they're being scorned.
Subsequently she faxed me about a 100-points she desired me to testify to.I spent hours explaining that there were lots of items in there which I just could not say. I believed I had been on a debate group. I should have stopped then and there, but I stuck with it before she explained - in writing - if I could not answer a specific stage a specific manner, she insisted I say I did not understand the solution. Even though that would not have become the height of an ethics violation, it could be perjury.
I stopped.
I phoned Big Dan and told me that I had been taking myself off the situation which he really should inform his client to not request an officer of this court to perjure himself. However, Dan was a believer in this dreadful temptress. And courtroom was looming. I let myself be talked into heading to court under these conditions: Ginger would not speak to me some more - only attorney Dan; nobody might attempt to change my testimony, such as Big Dan; I needed to get instant payment to pay the long-overdue invoice in addition to forthcoming testimony.
Done and performed. I un-quit. Would the arrangement was retained.
What ought to happen to be a couple of hours on the rack turned in to two complete days. Ginger sat with her attorney, scowling, shaking her head, and trying for me to state"the best" things. Each of her specialists and her lawyer and the judge was a doofus, and each of the resistance's was brilliant. The fractures were filled with accusations and this fairly girl who could make a lot of men and women dancing to her song just could not get the reality to state exactly what she needed them to, however often she changed her mind about exactly what they need to mean.
They requested me to remain a second day as a rebuttal witness to another man, but I simply could not. I needed to manage appointments and reality.
Well, in the long run, I was left holding the bag for a day's court charging - and - karma caught up with all the poisonous temptress. Perhaps it had been her histrionics, her fluid manner with the fact, or simply that Daddy had composed her from her inheritance for some strange reason. However, after a long time of functioning the courtroom, the wicked Lynn Dallas ended up using exactly what the Will deeded the shifty siren obtained a talk of Karma.
So today I sitmeditating on signs and flags and that gloomy Santa Barbara skies. Paying a bit closer attention to exactly what the world must demonstrate a man which makes his dwelling digging up the fact with a forensic spade. Attempting to find out what is coming ahead of the almighty must strike in the forehead with a sledge hammer to receive my attention. And also keeping the fancy duds pressed that next court date together with all the truth.