Devilman OVA Vol.1 - The Birth Review


Devilman tells the story of Akira Fudou a normal high school student. He also gets the shock of his life if his former classmate, Ryou Asuka seems out of nowhere rescuing him and his girlfriend, Miki Makimura from bullies by pulling a gun on them. Ryou informs Akira a dark mystery.
Ryou's dad committed suicide after becoming possessed by a demon. His father left him a letter stating so as to defeat the oncoming invasion of demons out of hell, you need to turn into a freak yourself. Ryou reveals Akira an early mask of a demon and Akira sets it on. Akira has a vision of a time when demons ruled the earth and humanity didn't exist.
After fighting off an assault by a few demons, Ryou informs Akira he has to become possessed by a demon so as to conquer the demons. Ryou informs Akira because he's pure of heart that he can withstand the demons control within his head, but when the demon takes over then he'll need to commit suicide.
They descend down an elevator into a nightclub that is also a freak ritual and nearly everyone becomes owned. Akira Fudou shortly becomes owned by the demon called Amon. Amon is the god of warfare in hell and blessed with amazing strength and abilities. Akira becomes Devilman and has absolute control over his powers so that he could save the human race.
Devilman OVA Vol.1 Review Section
Devilman is a arcade that I watched in the mid 90's when I was ordering my own anime by means of a mail order catalogue from Central Park Media.
Central Park Media spread many adult oriented anime on VHS and Laserdisc formats into the North American marketplace in these days. The Devilman OVA's were among many violent adult names licensed in the usa at the moment.
It was shown on the Sci-Fi Cable Network if they had to possess anime marathons. Devilman Vol.1 The Birth is sort of odd on the way the easy, but powerful plot works out.
Aside from the eccentric opening and the short scene in which Ryou and Akira gets assaulted by a few demons early on. Most the OVA incident is dialogue driven play. The blood and violence do not come until the club scene.
There's some nudity involving only breast feeding, but no sexual activity in it. Devilman The Birth OVA attribute's vivid colors during.The OVA has mythology and biblical references.
The songs played at the club in the end is quite cool. It may seem jarring to some, as it is 80's guitar driven rock. I've watched the original Japanese with English subtitles along with the dubbed version.
The dubbed English model has poor voice actors. The violence in the end of this OVA is quite cluttered as Akira pieces, punches, and rips apart all of the demons at the club. Expect a great deal of gore and blood at the hectic climax.
The two personalities Akira and Ryou are extremely cool. I particularly like Ryou's entry. He simply comes from the forests with some shadowy haunting music playing at the background. You do not know if he is or bad or good.
The demons in Devilman have frightening unique layouts to them. A number of them appear more alien than just superhero. The demons featured within this OVA Episode unite with animals or people to eventually become even stronger.
Akira Fuduo seems badass like Devilman, the anti-hero. The slow tempo build until the activity might turn some people off.
It's much better with another OVA episode, Devilman Vol.2 Demon Bird. The gore, violence, and strength is turned up several notches since Devilman is at the struggle for his life. The Devilman anime isn't appropriate for children because it includes graphic violence, strong language, and unnecessary nudity.