Fighting Marijuana Cultivation Charges

Struggling Marijuana Cultivation Charges

It's illegal to possess and grow marijuana plants from the state of Florida.Even should you not intend to market any of this solution and therefore are just cultivating crops for individual use, growing marijuana for any reason is a felony.
Lately, the legal definition of a"grow house" has shifted to add smaller quantities of crops, and fees for possessing or cultivating marijuana crops are becoming more intense. In case you're arrested for drug related charges involving growing marijuana, then you need to consult a criminal defense lawyer with experience in drug crime protection.
Adjustments to this"Grow House" Classification
In 2008, Florida legislation concerning the cultivation of marijuana shifted appreciably. Prior to the new law, an individual had to own at least 300 marijuana crops to be considered an increase house. They consequently had to participate in large-scale generation of bud to get severe felony penalties for marijuana cultivation. Under the law, however, any individual cultivating 25 or more marijuana plants could be detained for grow house actions.
Being charged with running a grow home for grass farming is much more serious charge than developing a few crops, but currently applies to small scale growers who could be growing plants just for individual use. A certainty for grow home operation charges comprises heavy fines as well as 30 years .
The Value of a Great Legal Defense
If the authorities didn't legally have the right to enter your house or didn't have probable cause to detain you, then the proof against you might be thrown out because of illegal search processes.
An experienced criminal defense attorney will analyze each bit of evidence against you to see whether it had been illegally obtained. A fantastic lawyer will aggressively cross-examine any witnesses and authorities involved to come across these and other flaws in the case brought against you personally.