How Marijuana Affects Your Health

Pot is just one of the most abused drugs in the USA. In view of its widespread misuse, it's very important that you learn how marijuana affects your health.

This report discusses brief and long-term consequences of marijuana abuse.

Short-term Consequences
• Affects individual's performance
It affects badly the instructional operation of the individual - gets reduced levels, fails to complete the graduation.
Likewise, if the individual is functioning, the medication contributes to higher quantity of illness related renders, unexplained absence, more injuries at office, more employees' compensation claims, etc., and the productivity of this individual decreases radically.
Usage of marijuana gives you the right perception of items. This is only because THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) inside affects a part of the brain that's responsible for attention, attention, memory, and the ability in perceptions, and understanding of time. The result is excessive stimulation of the mind, which contributes to impairment of perception. The individual feels as though there were matters, even if they aren't there. Therefore, the individual feels hallucinated.
The THC also affects the normal operation of the mind and this induces stress, anxiety, etc., in the abuser. Additionally, it contributes to reduction of co-ordination involving the mind and the limbs. Therefore, the man or woman is not able to respond timely in certain scenarios such as while driving a car or truck.
• Low motivation
Pot contributes to depression in the individual and they don't like to take part in actions that could bring benefits. The individual has irrational dread, and has reduced motivation to pursue the regular course of actions.
Long-term Consequences
The use of the medication induces particular effects in the long term. We discuss them briefly.
• Addiction
Marijuana if consumed frequently, the individual becomes addicted to it. Research indicates that nine percent of consumers become hooked on the medication. You will find close to 4.5 million individuals hooked on this medication in the USA.
The addictive effect of the drug is due to the THC part inside, making the mind less amenable to the medication with every passing day. Consequently, the individual must use it to acquire similar impact, and consequently gets hooked on the medication in the long term.
• Reduced immunity
Studies indicate that marijuana affects the immunity within the body since the system becomes much less sensitive to outside representatives, even to dangerous microbes.
• Risk of Infection
Prolonged usage of marijuana can cause respiratory difficulties and raise the possibility of bronchitis. The compounds generated, as a consequence of combustion whilst smoking, get hauled into the lungs and this also contributes to asthma illness.
Pot is just one of the very harmful substances which leads to dependence and impacts the most effective and formative phases of individuals.