How to Care for Two Wheeler Batteries

Slow and fighting movement of the newcomer? And clicking noises while attempting to start the motorcycle?

These are a few tell-tale signs suggesting your battery's health isn't in appropriate order and needs servicing.
A bicycle battery is a vital component that sets your bicycle in the beginning mode and offers energy to other pieces. Even though a bicycle battery is the thing that keeps your bicycle in appropriate health, it's just as important to make sure that the battery's wellbeing is correctly cared for.
Visual Inspection:
A visual review of your two wheeler battery once in each 3 weeks is a must-do practice. (Establish reminders if you usually forget) Search for any broken or loose terminals which could result in short circuits that are dangerous.
Leading upward at Regular Intervals (Just in the event of two wheeler batteries)
If you are using routine bicycle batteries, assess and make sure that the electrolyte cells have been wrapped up with distilled water. Use only distilled water, only because it doesn't have any impurities and enables the bicycle batteries last longer. Cells using VRLA technology do not require any Top-Up.
Wash out the Terminals:
The battery terminals and neighboring areas must be properly washed to reduce corrosion which may result in problems while opening the bicycle. Keep them in a sterile state always. Cleaning frequently will help prevent the buildup of dirt and sediments which subsequently raises the auto battery's lifetime in the long term.
Normal charging:
Even during lengthy intervals of non-use, any auto battery should be routinely billed. Discharging the battery at an idle state causes damage to the battery; thus, keep charging the battery each month even if it isn't employed for quite a while.
Within a time period tiny dust particles, dirt and tiny pollutants tend to collect on the battery. These ought to be cleaned off with a clamp brush and vacuum cleaner. To prevent the cleaner from going into the cells, be sure that the vent caps are tight. Clean wipe the bicycle battery using a moist towel and then using another dry towel.