How to Create Ocean in 3ds Max Using Mental Ray

3D Water - The Ocean

In this tutorial we'll produce and leave a 3d water in 3ds max which could be applied as any water system. We'll utilize Mental Ray renderer and also Daylight System from the scene.

Measure 1
By default 3d max utilizes Scanline renderer. Change the renderer into the Mental Ray. Proceed to Rendering-> Render Installation ->Shared Tab -> Publish Renderer -> Production.
Measure 2
We'll have develop a geometry. Produce a Plane. Proceed to Make Panel -> Query -> Typical Primitive -> Airplane.
Set Length to 500 and breadth to 500.
Measure 3
Produce a Target Camera only over the Plane. Proceed to make Supervisor -> Cameras -> Target.Activate that the Perspective view and press in the computer keyboard to trigger the Camera view.
Measure 4
Open the material editor and crate a sea material.
Click get material and choose Arch and Design
Select Ocean airplane and assign substance to it.
Select Water, Reflective Surface template.
Measure 5
Today we'll illuminate the sea with the daytime program. Daylight system is a simulation of real sunlight. Proceed to Make Panel -> Systems -> Daylight at the top viewport.
Daylight Parameters
Sunlight: we'll utilize mr Sun
Skylight: mr Physical Sky

Position: We shall place it manually.

Measure 6 First Render of this 3D Ocean
We've got the sea and the daytime program so that it's a fantastic idea to test the way the rendered image looks like. Your picture should look like image below. At the background you find that the mr Physical Sky surroundings map that was added automatically in the prior step. The brown line represents the floor from the background map. As a result of Metal Ray's lume shader the airplane resembles and 3d sea already. But, there are some items I want to change:
Horizon Ought to Be reduced to conceal the floor
Smaller Waves
More blue and high colours to both sea and the skies
Small brighter picture
Measure 7
Color, saturation, and brightness of the picture can be corrected in the parameters of the Daylight:
Mr Sky Parameters
Multiplier: 1,1 ( raises the intensity of the sunlight )
mr Sky Advanced Parameters
Red/Blue Tint: -0,1 ( alters the color of the lighting and sky )
Saturation: 1,3 ( affects the saturation of the lighting and sky )|}{
And if you feel like it, then do some color correction in Photoshop:
Brightness: 35
Contrast: 25
Our 3d water is complete. Next we are going to find out what we could escape the daytime program.