How to Maintain Emotional Intelligence and Positive Thinking in the Ballet World

Deborah sets forth with assistance for you, the prospective ballerina or man ballet dancer, to learn more control and understanding within the rough world you reside in.

Any student of music, composing, and acting of any sort, should understand some survival methods to keep mental intelligence, and adhere with optimistic thinking. Every new course, with new examinations, and ferocious opponents, can instigate implosions of all self-doubts. How can you take control of your psychological and psychological space before that significant event? Or so it is possible to sleep well each night?
Deborah made this book so that adolescents and pre-teens could detect that there's a means to start a conversation about self-sabotaging beliefs and ideas that influence their patterns of behaviour and achievement. This 48 page book introduces eight adolescents with common issues and challenges like how to take control of your feelings and also how to do as a pro at the dancing studio or anywhere and anyplace. You will learn methods like Emotional Rehearsing, Developing a Feeling, Refocusing and a very Strong functioning as If. These enjoyable (but seriously amazing) actions will help train your mind - if a teenager or an adult late starter in ballet - towards victory.
As a ballet instructor, I have always suggested to students to check away from the dance courses for techniques to help handle their insecurities, anxieties and struggles with all the aggressive and perfectionist elements of the performing arts. I believe that independent and private research is ideal for individuals - contemplation with leadership, and implementing inspirational innovative methods to keep a positive outlook, in one's own manner.
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