Is Your Marijuana Addiction Killing You? - The 3 Biggest Myths and Facts You Should Know About Weed

I've often found that there's a very thin line between the myths and facts about marijuana. I guess that has a lot to do with the way every other fantasy or misconception is born. Folks hear things, maybe only half-truths, then they pass this info onto somebody else (with some additional extras), and it is not long until it is impossible to distinguish the difference between reality and pure fantasy.

This is the Precise reason why I needed to write this article now...I Wish to introduce one to the 3 largest myths and 3 of the greatest facts about marijuana:
1) Weed is known to cause permanent brain injury - Let us get one thing right, we are aware that a marijuana dependence can impair a individual's thought process and their decision, but that on no account constitutes permanent brain damage. There have been many scientific research completed on marijuana and its consequences, and we're now aware that carrying big and powerful amounts of marijuana will lead to stress, paranoia and even temporary psychosis, however all of these are short-term issues.
I'll openly acknowledge that smoking marijuana can result in you making extremely bad choices, which may have a negative effect on your life, but this is certainly not due to damage to your mind, but only because you're just too high to understand any better.
2) Marijuana is not addictive - Once again, let me set the record straight - Marijuana Addiction is quite real! Perhaps weed is not as addictive as several different drugs, but it's extremely simple to become emotionally determined by pot. If you're just a occasional cannabis smoker you need to find cutting it from your life rather straightforward, but the actual problems start when you smoke bud more often.
There are many different bud withdrawal symptoms that lots of individuals neverexperience, but I'd hazard a guess that their marijuana ingestion has not been a regular habit for several decades. Regardless of what anybody tells you, there's such a thing as marijuana dependence.
3) Weed won't do me any harm - I am sorry, but this is not really correct. I will cover all those bodily aspects you must know of under, but marijuana dependence may cause some extremely suspect psychological practices. As I have said, marijuana will impair your judgement and decision, and sadly this can lead to permanent issues.
A prime illustration of this may because of being under the effect of marijuana you opt to have unprotected intercourse. This in turn can lead to potential sexual ailments or an expected pregnancy. Now do not get me wrong, an ill-informed decision in this way can be made by anyone at any time, even though the odds are much higher if you are not thinking straight.
1) There is a much higher chance of experiencing a heart attack - it's been projected that for around an hour once you've smoked marijuana, you're 5 times more likely to have a heart attack. Sadly, this is a result of the improved level of substances in our bodies, which then is going to have an impact on your blood pressure and really your heart.
2) There is a far greater chance of cancer - Marijuana has numerous distinct chemicals, the majority of which I am certain that you've never heard of, and marijuana smoke is regarded as twice as powerful as that of smokes. Smoking marijuana can also result in several breathing related ailments and ailments, since it's known to ruin the lung cells at a much faster rate.
3) Pot is the popular illegal drug in the world - I'd feel this is because most men and women feel that marijuana is harmless. If you consider it there's never really been one shred of proof or scientific study that states that marijuana consumption is great for you. Weed will finally have a negative effect on your heart, kidneys, lungs, actually the huge majority of your organs.
The majority of us are perplexed by a lot of the advice we read and hear about marijuana dependence, and it can be tough to know what to think.
I believe above all it's safe to state that smoking marijuana is doing damage to you emotionally and emotionally.