Japanese Anime History

Anime History

Together with the U.S. job at the conclusion of World War II, many Japanese musicians had contact with Western civilization and affected by U.S. pop culture, designers at the start of career started to understand the comic books and animations in its contemporary form. There were dealers who smuggled traces of American films, Disney animations and many others.
One of the significant artists that were involved in this artwork, were Osamu Tezuka, Shotaro Ishinomori and Leiji Matsumoto. These three guys, were later enshrined in the manga industry. From the 1950s, influenced by the press that came in the West, several studios and artists started to produce jobs for experimental cartoon.
From now that manga was that the king of press created the leader anime of victory: Hakujaden (The Legend of White Snake) premiered on October 22, 1958, the first generation released in commercial circuit of Toei Animation, the animation branch of Toei Company and Manga Calendar. Notably the very first anime created for tv, broadcast by TBS with studio manufacturing Otogi on June 25, 1962, that lasted 2 decades.
Shortly after, on January 1, 1963, Astro Boy was published, based on the manga by Osamu Tezuka, much like all the aesthetic character with large eyes and spiky hair coming out of the published version. Astro Boy finally became a rookie for the most significant industry in the realm of cartoon, also winning the U.S. public. Tezuka was an idol in Japan and its prevalence gave him cash to invest in their own manufacturing firm, Mushi Productions. Other manufacturers have spent in this new sector and has been born anime classics such as Eight Man, Super Dynamo (Paa Man), but nevertheless precarious and with few sources, unlike American cartoons.
Back in 1967, there were four movies and two animated series in Japan, such as The Princess Knight, Fantomas and Speed Racer, the very first with significant global projection.
Anime with kids, women, young people and about giant robots kept pace with the amount of weekly series throughout the 1970s. In that time, Tatsunoko Production, the founders of Speed Racer, established a name of achievement Named Gatchaman (from the West, Battle of the Planets).
By that time animes Industry only grow up with a great deal of series of succeeding in'80s, such as Macross (from the West, Robotech),'90s, together with Saint Saya (from the West, Knights of the Zodiac) and at the years of 2000 using a great deal of innovative series that created countless fans all around the world.