July 2009 Horoscope - Uranian Astrology's Perspective

July 1st isn't simply the first of this month, but in addition, it begins the unofficial countdown into 4th of July festivities. The Sun is midpoint Mars and Jupiter, bringing a day of favorable activity, very good work and company action. On different note, I hope everybody remembers to practice safe sex, as using the Venus/Neptune=Zeus configuration disease can happen if not cautious. As though that is not sufficient, Mercury will be squaring Uranus, together with programs, projects and promises suddenly and suddenly changing. Be cautious, since this can feed in the Saturn 22 1/2 levels to Venus/Mars happening at precisely the exact same time attracting potential trouble in the love section. The Mercury Venus Neptune energy may also reflect music tied in with all the regret of Saturn, suggesting that the departure of a music legend.

On the 2nd of July, the vacation weekend begins early since the Sun is sesquaquadred Neptune and Jupiter, with lots of"out to dinner." Others will probably be praying the holiday weekend won't be rained outside, particularly on the East Coast. Additionally, Mercury will square Uranus, bringing from the cardinal axis and Hades -- be very careful driving this afternoon. We might also hear a few more unexpected news that is depressing.
About the 3rd, everybody leaving or coming to celebrate the July 4th holiday weekend is going to be on the street, as foretold by Mercury at 0 degrees . This may also bring some information about Michael Jackson's funeral or wake, and individuals could be flocking to see his entire body. Additionally Venus + Mars = Sun, along with enjoyment in addition to romance is going to be the title of the sport. This combo brings pleasure in sunlight, but await the hangover when the weekend is over. Bear in mind, never trust Neptune, particularly when it's involved with Venus. See your heart and your cash -- although not always in this order.
Noone will probably be in the mood to get the job done. It will look as if you are running around in circles and getting nothing accomplished. Lunar eclipses are complete moons magnified threefold. In this instance it is magnified tenfold. The reason? Since the lunar eclipse of July 7th + Saturn = Pluto, you might have trouble finishing a job or two because of fiscal cutbacks or stinks. This will be a day of significant money anxieties. The marketplace ought to be down to the 6th and 7th.
As we hit the 8th, Mercury will be 22 1/2 levels to Saturn, and the midpoint isHades. News concerning the prescription medication Michael Jackson was carrying, or other bad news, could strike the air waves. Watch your cash and try to find some tiny discrepancies. Again, it is required to look at on your bank and credit card bills for mistakes that this month -- particularly today. Do not leave your personal computer, mobile phone, iPod or purse unattended, even for a moment. It might vanish.
The 10th attracts Mercury semi-square Mars. Steer clear of antagonistic opinions to make sure that communications do not turn hostile. Considering that the 10th is a Friday, be cautious when traveling to your summertime getaway. This may have you searching for some excitement or momentary joy to feel much better. The weekend starts with Sun 22 1/2 levels to Uranus and finishes with Venus Mars midpoint, 22 1/2 levels to Uranus, together with Mars shifting signal.
Monday the 13th arrives along with the Sun seems to glow even when there's cloud cover. This aspect provides a second of fiscal optimism and the stock exchange must close up. The following two times, Sun and Mercury will be dance with Pluto and also the cardinal axis, and a large statement by a few strong folks will hit the air waves. The 16th and 17th with Mercury, Sun + Venus = Kronos, it may be a fantastic moment to ask for a raise or move after that promotion you have had your eye on. Insert Cupido into the equation about the 18th and 19th plus it is sometimes a fantastic time for social gatherings which have dancing, music, or art. At precisely the exact same time, Sun+ Uranus= Neptune, Jupiter, therefore leave your worries behind and enjoy your swim at the pool or the ocean.
This eclipse falls in the end of a signal and sets the subject for July 22nd through the 27th. Mars will be dance at a semi-square configuration starting with Saturn and Uranus. This may mean frustration, and Venus adds a jagged part, with tumultuous problems in connection and worries on the front. Take care when exercising, driving, managing machines or lifting anything bigger than a bread box.
The month ends with Sun/Mars=Saturn/Uranus as perform frustrations and issues are satisfied with brick walls. Efforts to think of viable solutions encounter road blocks. July closes with Mercury opposite Neptune signaling a possibility of double talk, lies and deception. An important note: do not agree to anything involving the July 29th and August 3rd, particularly if money is involved.