Know Clinical Uses of Marijuana

For quite a while now, people have understood the medical applications of marijuana. There are a few people who believe that marijuana was used for over 12,000 decades already. In reality, the National Institute of Health (NIH) has already released detailed reports of the potential medical applications of marijuana last February 1997.

A number of the clinical applications for marijuana Includes the following:
• Stimulate appetite
O Among those medical uses of marijuana would be to raise people's appetites. Studies have revealed that individuals have raised appetite and food consumption after smoking marijuana. In a 1970s poll, it's reported that 93 percent of marijuana users insisted they like eating and food more after they've consumed.
O The following report pertaining to the usage is that marijuana has help HIV infected patients to possess improved appetites and thus gain weight.
• Nausea and Vomiting Induced by Chemotherapy
O There were many studies conducted concerning the antiemetic effects of dronabinol. Back in 1975, a study has been revealed concerning the excellence of dronabinol to placebo at chemotherapy-induced nausea. On one of those research conducted on the clinical applications of bud, 35 percent of these subjects were free of nausea, even though a total of 15% came free of nausea. Another study between 74 subjects has been conducted. The end result was that 34 percent of those topics testified to the potency of marijuana, while the other 44% stated it is reasonably powerful. But a 1997 survey led to an oncologist stating he will suggest the usage of marijuana to just one out of every five sufferers.
• Analgesia
O Although mixed effects were reported about the testing of marijuana because of fantastic analgesic, the total effect is that marijuana has analgesic properties. On a clinical research made on mice and rats, it's been reasoned that marijuana is much more potent than morphine in the control of pain.
• Allergic Diseases
O Reports indicate that there's been antispasmatic, antitremor, and antitataxic action that's involved with the usage of marijuana. It's stated that these properties might be used in Parkinson's disease, Multiple sclerosis, seizures, Huntington's cholera, and spinal cord injuries. Both oral and smoked bud is revealed to have afforded some advantage in treating Parkinson's and Huntington's Diseases.
• Glaucoma
O There are studies that demonstrated that smoking marijuana has reduced intraocular pressure. It's stated that smoked marijuana has significantly decreased intraocular pressure by up to 27 percent when compared with placebo.