Mars in Aries - Six Ways of Handling Mars

For everybody who's interested in receiving better control over anger, frustration and self defense -- knowing Mars energy is essential. Generally, the planets aren't"up there", they're energies which are"in here" - inside each of us. The universal principles which most of us share come in the planets. How we all of us encounter these universal principles individually is associated with our obsession with this particular planet/energy.

As was mentioned, Mars is the power of anger, frustration and self defense. In Vedic astrology scriptures they say that he provides"power". It's a fascinating word. As soon as we have true potency, we don't become frustrated and angry, fearfully shielding ourselves from other people. True strength comes in the ability to become disciplined every single moment, and put our principles into actions. This necessitates that we exude a certain amount of enjoyment at times (such as waking up early to do our meditation, instead of sleeping late) but finally it gives us accurate power and strength. We are just frustrated in as far as we are not able to put our principles into actions.
There's always a fine line between what's"right" and"what makes us happy". Mars is associated with what's appropriate -- Venus is associated with what makes us joyful. Mars and Venus have been together from the skies for the past month or so with Mars very subdued, slightly dominated by Venus. We might have jeopardized our principles a lot the previous month and a half or so - searching for pleasure. But, Mars is going to enter his own signal, Aries on Saturday, May 23.
The transits of Mars through Aries will trigger a more to disciplined, and possibly frustrated and angry character. You particularly need to be cautious first week, as Mars will probably be quite daring and prepared to"kick butt and take names". Be cautious ruining things, and individuals, since you're feeling weak and undisciplined. Look inside instead of outside for the authentic source of power.

Six Strategies to Better Deal With Mars in Aries

Start or Rededicate for some meditation practice
Compassionately confront the errors you keep making over and over again
Compassionately confront exactly the Very Same criticisms you've heard your entire life
Don't lash out angrily at others
In no small part, Mars is the"struggle to the death" instinct inside each people. Most of us possess the kill or be killed instinct. After we're fighting for our life, our adrenaline glands flame and numbs us to the pain we're visiting and feeling. We could be shot and stabbed and never feel it while we are fighting for life. Exactly the identical numbness to pain occurs when were mad. We become numb to the pain we're causing another individual and itself. The good Saint Ammachi contrasts anger into a knife having a blade on both ends. Not only would you stab another with this type of knife, but only holding the knife cuts as well.
Between May 23 and July 1 there's a higher capacity for greater discipline, strength and rededication to our greater purposes. However, there's also a higher potential for frustration, anger and jealousy if we are not careful.