Michael Jackson - What Can We Learn From His Life & Death?

Michael Jackson's astrology natal chart, that will be a design, of types, regarding his Life's Work & intent suggests why his spirit picked the travel it did. It reveals that the significant lessons he wished to learn and because of his and everybody else's free will, managed to opt to experience the hardships and blessings and find out from them or not.

Let us decode the significance of Michael Jackson's Natal Chart and determine if we could break through the puzzles around his lifetime. To start with I wish to state the specific time of Michael's arrival is uncertain, but as near as most astrologers can get indicates he had been born just prior to midnight.
1st House Gemini:
Indicates a wise man with a fantastic sense of humor. His aim was to be considered by others as intelligent, but the mask that he wore when he became uneasy was rather chameleon-like. People had trouble trying to work out his character since it'd change so frequently. He is known as mercurial. Did you know that Peter Pan was a Gemini-type fairy tale?
2nd House Cancer:
He had been born to understand the value of household. Money wasn't his principal incentive. As many documented household issues are reported before, Jackson had an extremely unusual birth family and as a consequence of his longing to get a loving family, he built one of his own in later life. You will see more of this when we talk about his 4th home info.
3rd House Cancer with Uranus in Leo and Venus in Leo:
It was bound to occur. Jackson's sister turned into his parents/family. It appears like they adored their father, though they might not have admired him. Michael had an extremely shaky and unusual father for a role model and probably found father love after he became a dad himself for his own 3 kids.
4th House Leo with Mercury in Leo, Neptune in Virgo and Sun in Virgo:
This home is filled with action and signaled family keys, family anxiety and a lot of crying. Nobody ever knew for certain if there was molestation, but if there was, it reveals that this was a part of their family history and odds are great that it goes back generations. This also demonstrates that Jackson's wellbeing was strongly influenced by household communication, escapism and fault-finding. Michael's early home life has been full of perfection and criticism. No wonder, his dad ran the family. Having kids of his own enabled him the option to eventually be loved.
5th House Virgo with Jupiter in Libra:
Among those matters Jupiter in Libra suggested for Jackson was lawful problems and this reluctantly came at the 5th house of children. Is there some doubt that the spirit of the man would confront these problems in life? I feel that each soul knows beforehand what hurdles and issues it will face and desires to conquer. We might never understand. But considering his natal chart, we all know that this was bound to develop lawfully.
6th House Scorpio with Neptune in Scorpio:
His day daily health habits certainly entailed dependence. This probably stemmed from an addictive character AND the usage of escapism through drugs to attempt to prevent his past. Michael probably had a dreadful time forgiving people who mistreated him mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically. Had he not passed away from a drug overdose I venture to say he likely would have died from cancer. The origins of cancer are present at the inability to forgive and proceed. I guess addiction got him cancer did.
7th House Sagittarius with Saturn in Sagittarius:
The hurdles Michael confronted in his life were many. Something we might not need know about him openly was a spiritual barrier. He underwent stern direction , but he'd only the smallest bit of fascination and longing to learn more emotionally. It'd be interesting to understand what his everyday religious or religious practices were, if any.
8th House Capricorn:
Michael built his livelihood from the power of pain, harm, power, manipulation and management. This was a really tough incarnation because of his soul to pick. I believe that when he missed anything, it'd be the capacity to forgive those who had hurt him deeply. His bitterness, particularly toward his dad, was his undoing. Obviously he needed an addictive human body, which after triggered was more destructive to his joy. As does everybody, we can construct a superb life in the ashes of the pain, so long as we learn to forgive from the procedure. Forgiving doesn't mean we condone the background, but we forgive the humanness of people that hurt us.
9th House Capricorn:
I doubt Jackson ever appeared away from his first religious upbringing. In reality, in a lot of ways, he seen God as the stern taskmaster, with no space for prejudice or deviation. A character continually held down with a domineering thumb will gradually escape and Michael appeared to have dropped back to his Gemini personality which advised him he might be getting old but he refused to develop. It is very sad that he was not able to differentiate the helpful from the non useful (Virgo) and reconstruct his entire life around a more practical daily routine.
10th House Aquarius with Moon in Pisces:
Destined for fame, Michael Jackson discovered some reprieve from his pain throughout the adoration of the supporters. He desired them just as much as he desired him. I feel that if he hadn't had a significant career, he'd have lived softly, dying of a broken heart and maybe committing suicide. However, as he discovered, finally the people superstar life wasn't sufficient to cure his past. A much healthier solution could have been a profound journey into himself with the support of a professional who'd help him launch his abusive past. His fans couldn't help him get previously. They were only a temporary relief.
11th House Pisces:
More than anything, I believe Michael was looking for a God that he can do business with. I really don't believe he found what he was searching for and also the compounded pain of decades of frustration direct him to escapism behaviour. I am not certain if he developed any intimate friendships or confidants he can speak openly with. He had plenty of secrets and wanted a fantastic buddy. However, his life had turned into a fishbowl. Maybe his greatest friends were kids. People he did not believe would harm him. Folks he can trust. I doubt he confided in them, but it was a kind of escapism that briefly took his mind off his troubles.
12th House Taurus with Mars in Taurus:
Michael Jackson had this kind of lively, spiritual energy available at his disposal he might have overcome some issue. Spiritual energy is so subtle that to get a Virgo, such as Michael, it could have been too silent for him to spot. Michael desired concrete proof & tangible assistance. Since he didn't take advantage of his spirituality through prayer and meditation, he was unaware of these subtle changes going on within himself. Add medication dependency to the equation and what you've got is a person in excruciating pain who might find no way out. Every time a human being is in pain, the main priority is to block the pain. Pain originates from the feelings and the brain and finally finds its way to the bodily form. Medicines temporarily did this for Michael.
What do we learn from the life and passing of Michael Jackson? How do his lifestyle really make a difference in the quality of life to many others?
-Respect others their trespasses and proceed.
-Discern the helpful from the non employed. Drug abuse is non beneficial. Spirituality is a helpful saving grace.
-Regardless of what your own family history, you may always have an opportunity to construct a new and fitter family of your own. -Ask for assistance. No man or woman is an island and we can't overcome crisis and injury alone.
-Locate your God-given talent allow it to become the catalyst to maneuver you through your despair and into a joyful life.