New Book Offers Insight Into Personal Injury Trials and Preparation

In Approaching the Bench: Tales of a personal injury attorney, lawyer Jan Weinberg shares a number of his most intriguing cases over a career which has spanned decades. Starting with tales of his time in Harvard Law School-years indicated by stress and bypassing classes-to his initial mission to a customer while a law student, then becoming a partner in a law firm and practicing his own in Hawaii,'' Weinberg provides a revealing portrait of not just the customers, judges, and competitions he faced in the court, but also check out how being a lawyer occasionally influenced his private life.
Anyone who enjoys good courtroom drama will discover much to appreciate in this publication. There are interesting information about how Weinberg investigates his instances and finds precedents because of his arguments; you will find female customers more interested in hitting him than needing him shield themand there are a number of heart-wrenching tales of customers who desperately wanted someone to stand up and struggle for their faith, and Weinberg managed to do this for them.
While I can not detail each narrative here, I will briefly mention some of my favorites. 1 instance Weinberg was not involved but this was a important case he learned about in law school was that the event of this hairy hand-in this circumstance, a physician did a skin graft by taking skin from a patient's torso and using it to his hand-when torso hair climbed on the individual's hand, the individual wasn't pleased. This instance is just one every fantastic law student seemingly knows about.
In Weinberg's very first instance, he had been assigned while a law student through Harvard Legal Aid, he managed a divorce. He immediately discovered how far he needed to learn regardless of his law school instruction. His customer was becoming divorced for the first time, however her friend, who followed her to her appointment by Weinberg, was divorced three times and seemingly understood more about court transplant in regards to divorce cases than he did, so that he learned a thing or two from her.
In a different circumstance, Weinberg has been delegated to do a little research at a pro bono case where a spouse was representing a convicted bank robber in his or her appeal. The conviction had been based on an identification of the customer's left knee which was hanging from their escape car's window.
During his career, Weinberg has shown himself very proficient at exploring his cases and preparing for offense in addition to analyzing and cross-examining witnesses. As Weinberg says at one stage,"Thus, if an lawyer is not ready to devote some time after hours and on weekends to consider instances while gardening, walking, exercising, as well as performing basic physiological functions, to study, to question, and also to stress, then an area of law aside from a personal injury clinic would almost surely be a much better match." Weinberg's results and stories testify to this fact he was constantly, like Perry Mason, attempting to find out his instances and plan from every angle imaginable.
1 story that actually made me respect Weinberg's methods from the court was when he had been questioning a physician who had been an expert witness at the trial because of his side. Feigning full disclosure, but actually to find the jury's sympathy, Weinberg asked the physician if it was true he had been a convicted felon. Since I informed the jury, I'm a Hungarian. You may remember that in 1956, the Soviet Union sent troops and tanks to overtake our nation. I had been a young guy then, and other young guys stuffed Coke bottles with petrol and added rags inside them. Weinberg goes on to state that the physician"talked in a mellifluous tone of voice, using another Hungarian accent. His operation was operatic. He talked straight to the juror who appeared to be drawn to him. She had tears in her eyes since he completed his response. The dance of love appeared like it had been succeeding."
1 landmark case from 1996 that Weinberg was included in worried a neighbor who had been struck by a motorist who might have been with a mobile phone. This happened long before there were talks about the risks of mobile phone usage whilst driving. Paradoxically, twice throughout the trial, the driver's mobile phone rang, which just made her seem worse to the prosecution. Other reports reveal how handwriting samples have been utilized to ascertain prospective jurors' characters, and the way Weinberg has employed mock jury trials to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of a case before going to trial.
Approaching the Bench will attract law students, attorneys, and anyone else involved with the court system or only a lover of court drama. I am certain that after a lot of years of practicing law, Jan Weinberg has just shared the tip of the iceberg with all the tales in this volume. I would not be shocked when he writes another book . I am sure fans of the quantity will welcome this.