Paisley Rabbit and the Treehouse Contest

It is early autumn and the kids have only returned to college. During recess, Jimmy Squirrel boasts that his father, who possesses the biggest construction business in the nation, will help him construct an wonderful treehouse. This catches everyone's attention and all of them start to speak about what they every can do in order to create a cool treehouse. Soon the children start to challenge each other and also the fantastic treehouse competition is on!

Jimmy Squirrel is a small braggart, but it does not stop the other kids, Simon Shrew, Arnold Otter, Thomas Fox, and many other people, out of accepting the battle. The kids are somewhat surprised, but when silent Paisley Rabbit unites the competition. She does not have a father to assist her, along with also her brother Davy is ailing, remaining home involving hospital visits since he wants a new kidney. How can she expect to win the competition?
While the other kids, with the assistance of the fathers, get busy constructing their treehouses, Paisley Rabbit heads into the library to perform research. Next, while another treehouses start to take form, Paisley Rabbit heads into city for a few important meetings... The other kids do not know about the meetings, just that Paisley Rabbit has not started constructing her treehouse.
Paisley Rabbit and the Treehouse Contest was an enjoyable story about a very determined little bunny. The boastful Jimmy Squirrel was able to scare off some of the other contestants by his recurrent bold statements regarding his treehouse, however, Paisley Rabbit did not allow her friend's remarks bother her. She softly, and with fantastic determination, went along with her strategy. A smart element to the narrative is the reader is not given sufficient information to understand precisely what the bunny is performing. There is a small puzzle behind her treehouse - exactly what's she doing? - which include an excess element of fun into the narrative. And no review of the novel would be complete without mention of those absolutely amazing examples that accompany the narrative. Chris Dunn's watercolor paintings are magnificent and really carry the narrative to a completely different dimension. The writer has also supplied a lesson plan which matches Common Core Condition Standards on his site.
Quill states: A beautiful story about a young rabbit who will not give up - resulting in amazing results.