PCI DSS Version 3 and File Integrity Monitoring - New Standard, Same Problems

PCI DSS Version 3.0

PCI DSS Version 3 will shortly be with us. This is the expectation that the PCI Security Standards Council have published a sneak preview'Change Highlights' document.
The upgraded Data Security Standard highlights include a wagging finger announcement that might be aimed at you if you're a Merchant or Acquiring Bank.
"Cardholder data has been a target for offenders. Deficiency of awareness and education around payment protection and poor execution and maintenance of this PCI Standards contributes to several of the safety breaches occurring now"
Quite simply, a huge area of the driveway for the new variant of the standard would be to provide it some new impetus. Simply because the PCI DSS is not new, it does not make it any less applicable now.
But What's the Advantage of the PCI DSS for Us?
To know exactly how important cardholder data security is, the hard facts are summarized in the new Nilson report. Their findings indicate that international card fraud declines have surpassed $11Billion. It is not all bad news if you're a card manufacturer or issuing charge - that the losses are made marginally more bearable by the fact that the total amount of trades now exceeds $21TRILLION.
"Card issuer losses occur mostly at the stage of purchase from fraudulent cards. Issuers keep the fraud reduction should they provide retailers authorization to take the payment. Merchant and acquirer losses occur mostly on card-not-present (CNP) transactions on the Internet, in a call centre, or via mail order"
This is the reason why the PCI DSS continues and has to be taken seriously with requirements fully executed, and practised daily. Card fraud is a really real problem and just like the majority of crimes, if you believe that it will not happen for you, think again. Ignorance, complacency and corner-cutting are still the significant contributors to card information theft.
The modifications Are Extremely much based on NNT's methodology of constant, real-time safety investigation for all in range systems - the PCI SSC state the fluctuations in version 3 of the benchmark include"Tips focus on helping companies take a proactive strategy to protect cardholder information that targets safety, not compliance, also makes PCI DSS a business-as-usual clinic"
So rather than this being a'After per year, get a few scans completed, patch all, receive a record done from a QSA then unwind for another 11 weeks' exercise, the PCI SSC are attempting to teach and promote retailers and banks to embed or entrench safety practices in their regular operations, and also be PCI Compliant as a natural effect of this.
Constant FIM - The Foundation of PCI Compliance
Actually, taking a constant FIM strategy as the starting point for safety and PCI compliance makes a lot sense. It will not take long to establish, it is only going to inform you in the event that you want to take action if you will need to accomplish this, will help define a hardened construct standard for your own systems and will induce you to embrace the essential area for shift control, also it will provide you complete peace of mind the methods are being actively shielded in any way times, 100 percent in keeping with PCI DSS requirements.
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