Planet Cybertron and the Rise of the Transformers

The vision of this dead world that was utilized to glorious, CGI-inspired impact from the Michael-Bay-directed blockbuster hovering over the Earth was sufficient to deliver the newest and youngest fans scurrying into the search engines to figure out as far as they can about the Home-World.

From the edition of the Transformers mythos, where the world Cybertron was the Light-God Primus, the very initial Transformers the imprisoned Primus made were the mightiest planet-bound monsters in the whole galaxy. Do not ask how they understood that for certain; it is rude.
They fashioned the world Cybertron to the spiraling mechanical perfection that it had been prior to the evil Decepticons sprang up from the Abyss and the 2 sides, like their dad and uncle before thembegan warring.
Finally, a fantastic leader rose in the ranks of the great Transformers, which have been known as the Autobots.
He'd escape his humble beginnings at the meager work force of Cybertron to become the best winner the world had ever understood, valiantly forcing the Decepticons back time and from conflict, though they were constantly back to the war. His title was Optimus Prime.
Optimus Prime found the chief of the Decepticons, Megatron, was only as pushed in his wicked ways, as Optimus was put in his unwavering very good manners. Therefore, this may just end either with the passing of another, or together with the putting of the coveted tool of electricity from reach throughout their War for Cybertron.
Optimus, actually the preserver of existence when potential, chose the latter. Calling on a faction of his own Autobot forces to divert Megatron and the Decepticons by combating them on a remote skies, Optimus Prime made the decision to jettison the Cube to the vastness of space, into some famous point that could utilize astrophysical processes to put it further out-of-reach.
Therefore, when the All-Spark had been jettisoned, the world started to perish and the Transformers that had not been murdered in the civil war needed to depart. The All-Sparkitself, ended up discovering the planet Earth, which was full of the type of creatures that may read I am writing. The Autobots eventually won something, and therefore are under continuous assault by the Decepticons as cost for this apparently temporary success.
The rich history of Cybertron however it ended up being a barren world, though that did not occur for a while following Megatron left it under the watchful gaze of this one-eyed powerhouse Decepticon, Shockwave. Really, the whole overriding plot of the Dark of the Moon film was supposed to bring the world into Earth orbit, gravity-be-damned, so the Earthlings' tools and labour could be employed to reconstruct the lost world.
It's the best testament to the Transformers' winner, Optimus Prime he balked at this personally-beneficial end result, presuming it to be basically wrong, and murdering both his brother along with his instructor to demonstrate the mettle of his resolve.
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