Quitting Marijuana - Dreams, Memory & Symbolism

A lot of men and women who begin on the road to stopping bud encounter strange and vivid fantasies. Some say they're simply very bizarre and ridiculous and others explain them but the frequent component that many who undergo such dreaming shortly once they've quit smoking pot is that the clarity and vividity of these fantasies that has surprised and frequently fearful them.

I had been considering this and wondering whether it's to do with bud and it's impact on memory. A number of studies have revealed that excessive use of marijuana may lead tom short term memory loss and over an extended duration long-term memory loss in addition to absent mindedness and an overall lack of clarity.
This hyperlinks to memory is that I had been studying up on how they think that dreams are a way for your brain to type out your memories when you're asleep resulting in improved cognitive capabilities and improved comprehension of memory.
It appears to me the chemical processes within your body and brain that are happening when you smoke bud inhibit the performance of memory and frequently problem solving skills also. As soon as we quit smoking bud as well as the body begins to wash out the THC and other impurities our mind begins enhancing its memory and works again that contributes to the vivid fantasies as the brain furiously works to fix the harm the bud has done and maybe they may look even more clear and real since it's been so long as an ex enthusiast has had such fantasies.
Maybe it's a combination of the two with marijuana dependence inhibiting brain and memory function as well as the motives for being hooked inhibiting people from researching the emotional issues they confront? Whatever the case I feel that using such drams shouldn't be something to be scared or fearful of but rather to be adopted when stopping marijuana since it's obviously a indication that something is changing and if you're committed you understand that giving up marijuana is a change for the better and so are the fantasies!