Research in Progress - Origins and Characteristics of the Pokemon

OK, I will confess to it now- I have been assigned the job of figuring out all that I could about the Pokemon phenomena and while I am having a terrific time, I locate my creativity churning faster than I could get the answers for.

In this article I chose to throw out my theories there and at a subsequent article refute or support them. Originally, scientists wished to perform RNA experiments which could change a creature's receptivity to farther and noticeable DNA modification. They determined using mammals, strangely enough, first seals. Since seals are aquatic, they'd be great conductors of electricity and at the next generation would be able to'grab' fish by simply aiming electric costs at it. But they desired to be certain the gene was recessive and it could be swallowed out following two generations.
Two strange things happened though. Though the breeding had been successful (the first seals went to evolve to temperate animals), the DNA was dominant, not recessive. Scientists failed and additionally, but were stuck together with all the ethical issue of whether they ought to destroy the animals or not. They voted against it, but discovered eventually that they couldn't restrain'spontaneous evolutionary characteristic' that gave birth to the Pokemon. The major worry about Pokemon is that their escape and potential out-evolving the present life forms in the world.
Another very strange attribute of a Pokemon is the way it can go back to its own capsule, or chunk. Due to the DNA alterations made to the first Pokemon, they had to be altered to be increased in a capsule as opposed to a egg or a uterus. DNA modification was required for this too, in a procedure called'molecular grand capacity' In fact, that a Pokemon's actual size is its dimensions in a chunk, not its enlarged dimensions. When a Pokemon expands, the distance in most of molecular particles expands.
Now, Pokemon are extremely secretive and nobody understands how they're replicating, although it's spontaneous. Their mortality can be a puzzle. New Pokemon have been discovered all of the time and unlike wild creatures, they may be tamed. This really is encouraged. Whythey're invited to battle in tournaments by amateurs (non-scientists) is a government key.
Well, perhaps I did not add anything regarding the Pokemon world but this really is my concurrent Pokemon world.I really do know what is hot at the moment in Pokemon stores (I know since it is all of my son ever talks about!) : whatever Pokemon white and black, Pokemon Plush Toys (or'plushies'), Pokemon characters, not to mention the cards! Sexy Pokemon cards incorporate the Promos, holofoil cards, mythical Pokemon, and glistening suicune.