Review of John Meachum's Book The Soul of America

My worst fear recently was that this nation is crumbling. I began studying Meachum's novel with trepidation, fearing it would cause me to feel much worse about our ultimate destiny. Unexpectedly, I didn't feel exactly the identical fashion from the time I completed the book. Our nation was here before and survived.

I pretended to consider our first settlers and the statesmen who founded and whined our country in its own infancy. I envisioned them as being of one mind, ideally together with all the best interests of the nation leading in their heads. I guess that I shouldn't have been surprised to be reminded just how different various factions have been and remain so into the present moment.
I think of those leaders that brought out the very best from the saying of our soul. Meachum lays out to us that none of them had been of one intent. Every one of these felt a necessity to compromise to some degree on issues which split the country to be able to accomplish anything in any respect. These pioneers were human after all and represented individuals with many distinct beliefs and priorities. Bringing everyone together was a massive challenge to our previous leaders and a few did a much better job than others in bridging the divide.
In the long run, our soul isn't cut of a single fabric but is quite a patchwork quilt of widely disparate energies frequently pulling the country in contradictory and opposite instructions. For the most part, a lot of people who have strong remarks had the welfare of the state in your mind together with their very own deep seated beliefs.
Nevertheless our present age and the condition of our soul has us pulling in several conflicting instructions yet again. We do not now agree on what's ideal for us on how to reach a stage where we could agree on the path we ought to take from here.
One such instance is the dilemma of racial equality versus white supremacy.This breed has hounded us in the first days of the American experiment. We have quite a lot of work to do to become 1 country making up the spirit of America. We've been at this trying stage of anxiety many days before and finally have brought ourselves back in the abyss. We will need to find a means to once more come together in our shared interest. Here is the challenge that faces us in these stressful times.