Serial Killer BTK Brought to Justice With Computer Forensics

The Dennis Rader Computer Forensics Case

Back in January 1974 authorities turned up in a family house to locate a dreadful scene all four members of the exact same household was brutally murdered. This comprised Joseph and Julie Otero and the 2 kids 11 year-old daughter along with the 9 year-old son. This was the beginning of the now notorious serial killers effort of terror along with his self-styled insignia"BTK". His murderous rampage lasted on for 17 years after he committed his final murder that was confirmed. The Otero family was somewhat outside the standard victims of the BTK which normally fell within the feminine sex with a large age range, he was also understood to tag his victims as endeavors.
Dennis Rader that the BTK killer could contact and speak with the authorities and local press on a regular basis he'd use newspaper columns and leave clues and mysterious type messages. This is the way he became known as the BTK"Bind Torture Kill" that was his very own insignia used to signal off with correspondents. He even went as far as to send a so called self-portrait to law enforcement, no matter how the authorities where quite sceptical the likeness are a legitimate manifestation, when he was eventually arrested the authorities where vindicated in there scepticism.
The communications from BTK ceased in 1979 and authorities and media speculated that the killer had expired or they were sent to prison, depending on the regular communications up until that moment. Then again in 2004 he hauled using the Wichita Eagle that a regional new paper after remaining quiet for 25 decades. He broke his silence to claim responsibility for a murder that has not previously been connected to him in 1986. This new communication began a cold case review between DNA samples being obtained from plenty of suspects including each of the resent prison sparks, this particular angle of this analysis bore no fruit.
Leading up to the arrest of BTK he had been leaving symbols and messages across the Wichita area, in one of his communications he asked the authorities if he delivered a floppy disk in might they be capable of using it to trace him. The police's answer to this query was it'd be safe for him to speak together in such a manner. Upon this response Dennis Rader that the BTK murderer sent in a padded envelope into a TV channel in Wichita that comprised a purple 1.44mb Memorex floppy disk.
Once the floppy disk arrived in the police station the pc data recovery or the forensics section assessed the computer disk drive for deleted files and discovered that a Microsoft word file that BTK believed was eliminated once and for all. The Microsoft word record was analyzed for metadata and has been discovered to stage to computers held in Christ Lutheran Church that had the title Dennis as the previous editor of the pc record. The authorities that the assessed the churce's site and at a search discovered Dennis Rader as a president of this congregation council.
With this discovery Dennis Rader was placed under surveillance and the authorities was able to contact Dennis Rader's daughter's DNA that was analyzed and found to be a fantastic familial match.
BTK Dennis Rader was ceased driving close to his house on February 25th 2005 putting an end to his reign of terror and committing him to a lifetime in the prison system.

The craft of computer data evaluation has been a developing type of high tech computer investigative and crime solving forensic practises for quite a while. A few of the data recovery techniques are responsible for several arrests of criminals including distinct serial killers. Even if computers are broke along with the hard drives no more operate it's possible to retrieve info.