Summer Solstice - Season of Passion and Compassion

Summer Solstice is your season Mother Nature is in the peak of prosperity, and you also can join this natural cycle and reach miracles. Give your entire attention to a fiery passion for life, and nurture and revive yourself with watery psychological compassion for where you are today, and also for the future you would like. That is an early formula for prosperity at the time of Midsummer Solstice.

The journey to the crop season has started, and in the Winter Solstice, the Sun again"turns" and the days start to lengthen.
Sun bicycles and life cycles.
The visual motion of the sun to the north and then the change (returning to the South) marked a turning point from the year that's been celebrated since time-out-of-mind. And lots of the ancient customs are embedded in our contemporary world -- their roots vague. Nevertheless your mobile memory still retains the knowledge of Nature.
You're no longer determined by seasons and daylight to your own survival. A drought doesn't imply famine, and winter no more means"early to bed" The value of the sunlight is diminished by the current technology. Electricity, and infrastructure for transportation and travel improvements eclipse the sun's dominance. It isn't hard to overlook all life is based upon sunlight.
Sun as the origin of existence.
Historical people lived the fact that life came in sunlight and with no life couldn't exist. The travel of the sun during the solar panel (seasons) directed the planting, growing, and harvesting times - since it does now.
The sun might have diminished in value on mind - although maybe not on your lifetime. You continue to be bound genetically into the early cycles. Would you feel that this particular time of year as quirky and offering you a chance? It's - do not miss it!
Summer is a joyous and happy time, particularly compared to darker, silent and winter. Midsummer (Summer Solstice) is about the center of the growing period - the time when all is prosperous and abundant. Brilliant fields of blossoms bloom, trees are green with fresh leaves; vegetables and fruits, sweet berries and fruits are ripening. Nature is reaching peak of prosperity.
Historical symbols unit that the ground and sunlight.
The Sun, recognized as the Sun King, or The Green Man seated his Oak-foliage throne - and god of the woods. His face surrounded by leaves is observed carved in wood or stone in churches,on fountains, and in gateways.
Capture the Heart of Midsummer or Summer Solstice.
Natural cycles of the seasons affect you as do circadian rhythms of day and night. Why not examine (and attempt ) exactly what the ancient civilizations understood are the"energy of these times."
Should you align with Nature, you took the opportunity to thoroughly plant the seed thoughts that you wish to develop into your future in the Spring Equinox (March 21st.) Now's the time to nurture your fire as sunlight nurtures all of life. Concentrate on what's growing on your own life, weed out everything you don't want, and water (love and nurture) your own sanity.
Nurture and love NOW.
Just take some opportunity to observe both leisure and work - for it's in pleasure and childlike drama that lifetime grows abundantly. Accept and make time for appreciating your existing life - until harvest. Take accountability today for your future and guarantee prosperity at your crop time -- at the Fall.
Locate Your equilibrium: Passion and Compassion.
The ability of the sun at Summer Solstice is now at its most powerful, and the ground is fertile with a promising harvest. Midsummer is a opportunity to balance the Sun's heating rays - power and fire - and also the cooling freshness of this"empathy or water" that nurtures all expansion.
Explore your passions as well as also the"fiery force - that the warmth" in you.
Then find a fantastic balance to your fiery passion in your compassion and love for your own creations, along with your own love and desire to talk about your harvest with others. Deep heart-felt caring calms your fantasies and your potential. With no equilibrium - the fire alone is readily misdirected and may"burn " your fate in wasted efforts, incorrect directions and extreme misplaced emotions.
Yet compassion alone (the watery emotions) could lie stagnant, with no balance of this fiery passion and management of a crystal clear focus. In right mix, water and fire nurture a more successful, abundant future.
A balance between compassion and passion fine tunes your awareness of purpose, along with your inspiration guides one in the ideal direction. Whenever your heart and empathy are the guides, your imagination will blossom, bear fruit and reunite you a bountiful harvest.
Summer Solstice and the very first day of summer.
On the observers, sunlight looks stationary in its southern and northern development and appear to rise and place at precisely the exact same place on the horizon for approximately five times before and following the real solstice. At the point the Sun starts to wane or eliminate energy - and the days shorten and nights lengthen.
The marriage of this Solar energy and Mother nature is your guarantee of prosperity, along with the fruit of the marriage is your harvest or arrival of your Dreams. In a similar manner, the effectiveness of the time combined couples in marriage.
In old Europe, the period between the harvesting of these plants, let time for weddings. June was chosen, since the sacred union or marriage of the Goddess and God happened in early May in Beltaine and it had been unfortunate to marry in May.
The Druids' celebrated the afternoon since the"marriage of Heaven and Earth", which may also be among those starts from today's opinion of a"blessed" wedding in June.
The single moon of Midsummer is that the Honey Moon, a period once the hives are chosen for honey. Fermented honey is the early beverage of the Gods, called mead, also customarily drunk in wedding celebrations. The origins of this modern day"honeymoon" live in present customs.
Summer Solstice is famous around the globe - in England in Stonehenge and Avebury thousands collect ahead of the sunrise to welcome the Sun.
Other historical names and parties for Summer Solstice.

The date has been the Summer Solstice period of Jack-in-the-Green or The Green Man.

Summer Solstice has been a time of magical, meeting together with all the Fairies and of protective garlands of herbs and blossoms to deflected bad spirits. St. John's Wort (also called"chase-devil") can be utilized now by herbalists to calm feelings and alleviate depression.
Most parties (Celts & Slavs among other people ) indicated Midsummer with enormous bonfires that celebrated the energy of sunlight. Couples jumped through the flames, and together with the belief that their crops grew as large as they jumped. Some customs celebrated this time of season by placing massive brakes on fire then rolling them down a mountain into a single body of water.
The Summer solstice service in equilibrium celebrated the ground, the female, as well as the yin forces of darkness.
Historical Egypt worshiped the sun and several monuments and temples indicate Solar Solstice bicycles and star formations.
Ancient civilizations in the Mayan, Oltec, and Aztec to Machu Pichu in Peru indicate solar Occasions and celebrities with rock temples and mark.