Superstitions, Numerology and the Number 13 - Is it Really Bad Luck?

Everything boils down to superstition however I really do find it quite funny as I lived on the 13th floor and that I definitely understood it, though my email was treated to 1407. Property owners, architects, renters and lots of others suffer from triskaidekaphobia (the fear of number 13) and see it with feeling and angst, certain that it attracts bad luck and must be rigorously avoided, however, since a numerologist and pupil of the esoteric, I see this amount with the maximum esteem, since it's a pure and effective mix of forces that may cause just about any sort of situation to attest -- both positive and negative. On a religious level, I see 13s (in numerology graphs ) as karmic remarks that need closure review and careful correction. So while there's a karmic element to the 13, there's also the prospect of unburdening, corrections and second opportunities in'getting it right'.

The 13 can make huge turmoil in a lifetime, but it could also bring liberty and enlightenment into this life. So I don't find the 13 as unfortunate. . .and I have a few in my own chart! Among the primary historic instigators of this fear number 13 creates was called Judas. Judas embodied this thought because his existence threw everything out of whack and generated unanticipated and far-reaching effects, but frequently the chaos and catastrophe is centered upon, instead of the bigger than life heritage Jesus left. . .and its message of faith and love.
Each these elements play in the nervousness frequently connected with number 13 in overall and with Friday the 13th particularly. As a contemporary example of the puzzle and karmic essence inside the 13, think about the narrative of O.J. Simpson and the way he fulfilled with his own karmic wall, mind .
Additional 13 energy is evident from the 13 day trial along with the 13 hours of deliberation before conviction. Gives you pause, does not it? In direct comparison (and much more in keeping with my opinion ) is that the ancient Egyptians' opinion about the 13, because it symbolized the upper part of this ladder that lead to immortality. . .but this closing'measure' demanded settlement of'dues' until it may be passed.
This 13th step result in heaven, to love and light and purity -- surely a reward value a little bit of self-inspection and honesty. The formative energies at the number 13 are constituted of extreme initial powers (1), together with psychological and physical pursuits and magic production (3). This power and using this may explain why the number 13 is frequently regarded as the'witches'' number'...'great' witches operate together with the Earth Mother energies, produce magic, healing balms with blossoms and blossoms and concentrate on'optimistic' manifesting, while'poor' witches group together in the'complete' coven of 12 members and also encourage the 13th (that the devil himself) to combine them. Their attention wouldn't be quite as positive. Having said this, the magic and creative ingredient of this 13 is an uncontrolled aspect: it may create basic adjustments or put down basic laws or beliefs which influence individual or mass consciousness, both to its positive and for its negative (the departure of Jesus, a drawback, generated an whole belief system, a positive).
The concluding vibration of this 13 is clearly 4 - the variety of solidity, safety and dependability. The 4 retains the four seasons, the four directions, the four elements and the four corners of a home. . .this is a grounded and tangible energy which lays down firm and durable foundations, whether they're esoteric or concrete; negative or positive. On a personal level, this positive/negative induce can make an inner imbalance which has to be addressed: a fracture in the heart level of a mind demands complete demolition and restructuring.
This usually means moving back to the fundamentals, taking responsibility, coping with previous deeds and creating sincere reparations. It will take some time, but when the background is clean, we've got the chance to'draw a brand-new image' from a elegant perspective. To those of you who associate with the amount 13 - consider this as a redeeming energy: after the drawback has passed along with the lessons therein consumed and discovered, the amount 13 provides new hope of a definite future and the capability to recreate your life as you see fit. To find out more on the instinct, karma, numerology, symbolism, magical and much more, please drop by my site -- and keep in mind, everything is precisely as it needs to be. Relax a bit!