Taxing Marijuana - A Gateway to Trouble?

Oakland failed it. Long Beach and many other California cities have been weighing their choices in levying a hefty taxation on medical marijuana.

At the face of enormous budget woes from the country of California, is it now okay to acquire permissive concerning the legality of bud?After all, countless thousands-if not millions-of bucks in perceived gains are at stake.
But, much like a drug, is that a bud tax itself a quick"fix" at a time of need?
Having a $83 million dollar shortage, Oakland expects to create almost $300,000 in yearly earnings working with a $18 tax per $1,000 in bud sales in town's quasi-legal marijuana dispensaries. Long Beach can follow suit. However, at what better price?
It's intriguing that marijuana has been pushed as a solution to fiscal issues when in the very long term it might cost the very same cities countless millions of dollars more to tackle the unintended but unavoidable effects of drug dependence.
Pot legalization is a contentious issue, confessed, but tries to legitimize it via quasi-legal marijuana dispensaries and connect it with medical functions is a testament to the energy of the medication.
Marijuana is in reality an addictive drug, and addicts may use any excuse that they can to keep on using it, such as minimizing the simple fact it is addictive, or compelling the notion of its perceived health benefits.
In fact, smoking bud only five times each week can introduce the smoker as much carcinogenic substance as smoking a pack of cigarettes each day, and teenagers in america are currently entering drug rehab for marijuana dependence over any other medication.
While $300,000 each year in tax revenue may look like easy cash, Republicans shouldn't miss the countless millions of dollars every year which represent the considerably higher prices of drug dependence.
Each dollar spent on successful drug dependence treatment and drug-abuse prevention applications saves many, a lot more regarding crime, medical intervention and lost productivity that lead to drug abuse and dependence.