Ten Reasons to Stop Smoking Marijuana

Pot includes lots of the very same substances found in cigarette smoke and lots of in bigger quantities. Tar, by way of instance, is much more focused in marijuana smoke than in cigarette smoke.

Smoking marijuana causes the heart to race and also the mouth to find eyes and dry to be bloodshot.
Studies reveal that the medication can harm your temporary memory, warp your normal sense of time, change depth perception slow down the reflexes and response time.
Marijuana smoke includes 50% to 70 percent more cancer causing substances that cigarette smoke does. Along with this, marijuana smoke generates elevated levels of a molecule which affects certain hydrocarbons into their carcinogenic form that may further increase the possibility of cancerous formations.
Research suggests that THC, the psychoactive component in marijuana impairs the immune systems ability to fight infections in addition to cancerous cells and formations. Depression, stress and other psychological issues tend to be worsened by smoking marijuana. Including the intensifying of preexisting psychological disturbances.
Studies have proven that early use of marijuana increases the probability of the misuse of other, frequently more addictive and possibly fatal drugs.
For some people, marijuana use contributes to addiction, such as compulsive drug seeking, bodily, psychological and psychological withdrawal symptoms and repeated usage of the drug despite negative effects and repeated efforts to prevent.
While it might appear otherwise, once you've been off marijuana for a little while you will understand that life is better if standing by yourself, without doping it around have fun or to relax.