The Brain and Marijuana - How the Brain Is Negatively Affected When You Smoke Marijuana

Pot is a intricate molecule which contains over 400 cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are the compounds which give bud its capacity to produce a user feel good. THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) is the primary active ingredient from the marijuana plant.THC is a cannabinoid.

A compound called anandamide isone of those natural cannabinoids in the mind. THC mimics the action of anandamide. THC binds together with the cannabinoid receptors which makes the mind think it's naturally generating anadamide. It tricks the mind! Prolonged use of marijuana may clog the pathways which compounds cross (synapses) and also slow/stop generation of endorphins, or"feel good" chemicals, the mind naturally produces. Below are a listing of places in the brain which are affected by marijuana usage:
Cannabinoid receptors are plentiful in:
Cerebellum-------body movement/coordination
Cerebral Cortex--high cognitive capabilities
Nucleus Accumbens-----reward centre
Basal Ganglia--(unconscious) movement controller
Cannabinoid receptors are mild in:
Hypothalamus--body housekeeping functions (body temp, salt, water, sugar)
Amygdala--psychological response/fear/flight or struggle
Spinal Cord--peripheral sensation/pain
Brain Stem--sleep and arousal, engine controller
Central Gray--analgesia/pain control
Nucleus of colon --visceral feeling, nausea/vomiting
Still not certain why this type of problem? Imagine that you're a man or woman who smokes marijuana on a daily basis. Each one the aforementioned areas of the brain are being influenced daily. That usually means your short-term memory isn't always helpful (eg. Along with your ability to follow instructions, especially complex ones, is inhibited. The consumer might want to be reminded of what has been stated or might want to write down things to recall the directions. You will see that you're not as organized as you were. This might be more evident to other people than to the person him or herself.
Marijuana may also cause a individual to feel tiredness, be drained or have insomnia due to its influence in the brain stem. Furthermore, your reaction time is slowed and may cause problems if you're working machinery. There have been research conducted in many states that reveal a huge proportion of automobile accidents involved people who have been under the influence of marijuana.
When a individual first smokes, he or she feels a feeling of comfort or euphoria. After that first feeling is gone, depressed mood can be sensed, enticing the man to smoke . There have been a lot of studies conducted that connect marijuana usage to symptoms of depression and even psychosis.
All marijuana's effects in the mind aren't negative, there are a number of positive things it could do for a person. It can help regulate pain, as it functions as a blocker into the pain receptor websites. Marijuana might help reduce symptoms of nausea or vomiting that can accompany ailments like cancer and HIV/AIDS and boost the desire of a individual who has this kind of illness. Signs of stress and post-traumatic anxiety disorder may also be handled with bud. The impact the material has on the amygdala induces an ability to unwind and be less responsive to things that normally result in anxiety or distress to a individual with those ailments. Bear in mind that self-medicating with bud isn't a fantastic idea. If you're sick and think that medical marijuana might help you, seek the help of a doctor.
In general, long-term, heavy usage of marijuana has lots of negative side-effects within the mind. There are a few medical applications for the material, nevertheless, that could be useful if monitored by a doctor. Before attempting a substance like marijuana it's a fantastic idea to understand the potential impacts it will have in your mind so you might make an educated choice and choose if you're prepared to take the dangers involved.