The Dao of Donald: The Trump Identity

Since the 2016 presidential race heats up, the press machines have been in full swing, churning out a continuous feed of the typical political drama and controversy which communicates election campaigns. One of the subject of incumbents nevertheless, one stands out. He eclipses another candidates together with bombastic swagger along with an undercover, unpolitician-like mien. He's Donald J. Trump. Real Estate mogul, reality star, outspoken Gemini and today, possibly - President. What that will mean for America isn't so apparent but since the possibility of a Trump presidency develops, it's only fitting that we run an astrological background test and explore the cosmic forces supporting the Trump character.

Produced June 14, Trump shares his birthday using all the renown revolutionary, Che Guevara. He's a 3rd decan Gemini using all the Aquarius/Uranus subinfluence. Uranus spices up the Gemini character using a dose of eccentricity and maverick bravado. This might also bring about the subversive outsider standing with which he's alienated the rest of the republican base. Trump's character is large and grandiose and therefore it must come as no surprise he is a Leo rising. He expresses himself in a joyful, casual but certain way. Like any great businessman, he's glib and convincing, and fittingly conducts his campaign just like a salesman trying to close a bargain. This is certainly the toughest contract he's bid for and politicians are following all, salespeople (particularly during campaign style ). Both rely on powerful communication abilities to win people over. It is a mental game for celebrity and his histrionic character allows one to do so intuitively.
His image-conscious narcissism, extroverted people-person orientation and unorthodox candor have left him a headline-grabbing cynosure. If you take him seriously or not, you can't deny the taste he adds to an otherwise dull political menu. The potency of Trump's effort is based largely in his fascination with American's burgeoning xenophobia and racially insensitive Republican logic. He's been encouraging a more competitive, jingoistic American nationalism that's garnered comparisons to Hitler by his critics. However, for all of the controversy that he produces, he keeps a charm and likeable chutzpah that's admirable. His tv and highly publicized property profession has undoubtedly given him considerable benefits over other candidates and that he certainly owns the best name recognition, besides possibly Hilary. He's a populist who owns a communication style that's funny in it's aplomb and political incorrectness. Though he's not a pithy orator, he's got the characteristically-Gemini gift for gab and that he knows how to utilize it.
The simple fact he is self-funded and so unfettered by the exceptional interest limitations which frequently bind other politicians, and also the fact that he's not a politician, but rather comes from the corporate world and has publicly divulged and affirmed the presence of political bribery, all give Trump a validity and whistleblower cachet that career politicians may only dream about. This was a refreshing element of this Trump campaign since it appeals to the disillusionment felt by Americans towards that which has been among the largest problems in contemporary politics. If Trump can get a more diplomatic means to deal with illegal immigration and a more humanist way of combating terrorism without alienating the Muslim community, the possibility of a Trump presidency wouldn't look so awful. Luckily, Gemini is a mutable sign, so his rankings are malleable and receptive to change.
Here's a listing of Trump's facets pulled out of his natal chart (courtesy of
1. Midheaven in Taurus
Conservative individual, hard-working, and dumb but quite powerful. Amasses possessions gradually but steadily.
2. Uranus in Gemini
Indicates creativity, freedom and cerebral energy exploding abruptly.
3. True North Node Gemini, in House X
Superficial, stressed, and adventuresome character. If the natal chart agree, an individual can attain fame and prosperity in politics as a result of the aid of devoted and powerful friends.
4. Sun in Gemini
Outgoing character and curious mind created for communications. A will to procedure information endows a social character, a nice and frequently courteous demeanor.
5. Mercury in Cancer
Intellect and sensitivity are indivisible.
Behaviors are affected by ambiances and from emotions aroused by contact with different individuals.
6. Saturn in Cancer
Saturn is the excellent purifier. He represents our limits however also our precision.
7. Venus in Cancer
Can truly feel fire only within a lively, elegant and very mysterious connection. In love, creativity has infinite powers.
8. Pluto in Leo
Pluto in Leo can provide an authoritarian and, even, despotic character. But appeal and radiance are intensified.
9. Mars in Leo
With Mars in Leo, there's a fervent nature and affectivity constantly on the alert with life in addition to the listing. Action taken based on private rules and depends on sincerity above all.
10. Neptune in Libra
Within an astrological chart, it suggests dilution, vagueness, understanding the surroundings through emotions and not having clear and determined structures and limits.
11. Jupiter in Libra
Jupiter in Libra endows sociability, charm and popularity! Are very valued due to open-mindedness and jealousy naturally ask you to compromise in most things: what's important is to not have the last sentence, yet to achieve an arrangement with an entourage and also to establish nice relationships together.
12. Moon in Sagittarius
The term stagnation doesn't belong to his language: Easily adopts foreign habits and customs which are different from first behaviours.