"The Inventor of the Modern World" Book Review

He had a brilliant thoughts that never ceased. He lived an interesting life and partnered with other amazing thoughts to make fore-runners of those modern conveniences we enjoy now.

The narrative of his job is intriguing. The components that made me unhappy though were that the experiments performed on animals that I would believe cruelty.
In a lab, Harold Brown revealed that the killing ability of AC by electrocuting a horse.
Back in 1903, an elephant called Topsy in an amusement park that was becoming unmanageable (though being mistreated ) was killed by electrocution. It had been filmed.
Though used for passing sentences of murderers, I have read other stories about botched jobs and don't encourage using it.
Since the films developed, they started making short movies of cock-fighting and boxing fans.
These illustrations are heart-breaking. The remainder of the book was quite intriguing. Due to Edison's inventions, we've got lighting, music files and motion images.
Before his departure, he had been serving Ford and Firestone using their study in rubber.
Edison was imputed with 1,093 patents from the USA. His son Charles handled the Business until 1957.
Edison's contributions and heritage forever altered part of the planet. There have been powerful individuals in science, politics, medicine, social justice, faith, music, artwork and a lot of locations. We just hear of these from the United States but I am sure there are people in different countries I am unfamiliar with.
I enjoy reading about history since it helps me know the information. In the time something is occurring, there aren't enough details to provide a comprehensive view of an occasion. Years after after biographers place all of the pieces together, the narrative comes alive.
So many improvements in technology have been developed within the past 150 decades, it's overwhelming for me. I am thankful for your conveniences but dread time left in the world is brief. How much more is there? I am hoping I will retire free, keep life easy and simply love nature. I'll always prefer books, paper, a spoken dialog, hand written letters and handmade crafts. At least I got to maintain an actual book in my hands.