The Truth About Marijuana Use and Driving

Pot usage and driving is a topic that's regrettably had little exposure in the press. Each year millions of dollars have been set into innumerable ad campaigns hoping to fight driving while under the influence of alcohol. The instant efficacy of those advertisements is questionable, however something that's extremely apparent is that there's little to nothing being done in relation to this problem of driving under the influence of marijuana.

The prevalence of bud both in the USA and throughout the globe has caused a pronounced gain in the amount of severe automobile accidents and deaths brought on by marijuana use and driving. 1 thing that's especially alarming about marijuana usage is that the tight correlation between the medication and driving fatalities.
There are a range of things that are particularly alarming about the dilemma of marijuana use and driving. A number of those very sobering details include:

* People who drive after using marijuana are almost two times as likely to be involved in a deadly automobile accident.

* Pot directly impacts the central nervous system and reactions which are critical for safe driving.
* As the amount of individuals using marijuana recreationally increases, so do the number of deaths on the street.
The Effects
Marijuana affects the central nervous system in many different ways.
* Memory loss
* Distorted perception--such like sounds, sights, touch and time
* lack of coordination
* Acute paranoia
* Slowed working
Considering the aforementioned side effects, it isn't surprising that marijuana usage whilst driving can be quite fatal.